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• Audi A4Q 1.8 (1997-05)
• Fuel Filter
• Swepco 503 Fuel Improver
• Air/Fuel Ratio Monitors
• Tools
• Bosch CIS Tester
• Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Meter
• Flare Nut Wrench Set
• Telescoping Magnet
• Telescoping Rectangular Mirror
• Bosch Fuel Injection & Engine Management
• Haynes Carburetor Manual
• Solving Bosch Continuous Injection System Problems
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Project 11: Fuel Filter Replacement - Page 1

Audi A4Q 1.8 (1997-05)

Fuel Filter
The fuel filter is placed in in-line with the fuel system and is used to filter out any impurities in the fuel system before fuel reaches the engine.

Fuel Filter, A4 Q 1.8 thru Ch#8D-2-010000 ('02)
   Brand: Mahle Filter  Original Equipment Manufacturer at the time of the vehicle's assembly    [More Info]


Fuel Filter, A4 Q 1.8 from Ch#8E-2-000001 ('02) thru Ch#8E-5-065000 ('05)
   Brand: Hengst    [More Info]

No Longer Available 
Swepco 503 Fuel Improver
Restore lost power and clean your Fuel Injection or Carburetors. Removes impurities and particle build up. Drive your engine clean!


Swepco 503 Fuel Improver, 8oz    [More Info]

Air/Fuel Ratio Monitors
The K&N Air/Fuel Monitor is designed to help the performance enthusiast calibrate and fine tune the air/fuel mixture ratio. It is an invaluable diagnostic tool that has a place in everyone's tool box, or you can install it in your car to give you real-time readings. This kit continually monitors an engine's air/fuel ratio while the engine is running. It is extremely sensitive to air/fuel ratio changes and will show them instantly and accurately, within the range of the oxygen sensor.

The instrument works whether the engine is carbureted or fuel injected, normally aspirated, turbocharged, or supercharged, and at any load condition. This precision instrument also works with nitrous oxide, but will not work with diesel or nitromethane fuels. This kit comes complete with an oxygen sensor that must be installed into the exhaust system by welding. If your 911 is already equipped with an oxygen sensor (1980-89), an air/fuel monitor may be purchased separately and wired into the existing electrical system. An oxygen sensor is also available separately.

Vehicles with dual exhaust systems (like the 911) can utilize an oxygen sensor in each headpipe or collector that is controlled by a switch that will allow each sensor or bank of cylinders to be read independently. This can show if there is a fuel distribution problem within the intake system, or help to pinpoint a potential problem in advance.


Rectangle Surface mount Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit, w/oxygen sensor    [More Info]



Round In Dash mount Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit, w/oxygen sensor    [More Info]

No Longer Available 


Rectangle Surface mount Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit, without oxygen sensor    [More Info]

No Longer Available 


Round In Dash mount Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit, without oxygen sensor    [More Info]

No Longer Available 


Replacement Oxygen Sensor    [More Info]



O2 Sensor Plug and Fitting    [More Info]


Weld on Fitting    [More Info]



O2 Sensor Plug    [More Info]

You can never perform a good job on repairing your Porsche if you don't have the right tool. A lot of people try to cut corners because they either don't have the tool they need, or they don't even know that it exists! Having the right tool for the job saves time, money, and wasted effort. A job that can take 4 hours without the right tool, can take a mere few minutes. You're already saving lots of money by doing the work yourself, spend some money and get the tool that you need. Once it's in your collection, you will not know how you got along without it!
Bosch CIS Tester
Use the same equipment that the factory techs use to dial in the fuel injection system. Comes complete with all the fittings, schematics and detailed instructions. For Bosch K-Jetronic CIS Systems only.


Bosch CIS Tester    [More Info]

No Longer Available 
Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Meter
The LM-2 combines an air/fuel ratio meter, a full-function 32-channel datalogger, and powerful software to deliver a complete tuning workshop for less than the cost of one dyno day. Whether you have a piggy-back fuel controller, race carb, aftermarket ECU, ODB-II tuning software, or a flash/chip programmer, an LM-2 is the tool you need to dial in maximum HP. The meter's digital signal processing technology provides data on exactly how rich or lean an engine is running at any load. The LM-2's self-calibrating circuitry also compensates for changes in temperature, altitude, and sensor condition.
  • Patented “Direct Digital" Wideband Technology
  • Wideband O2 Compatible with ALL fuel types
  • Single or Dual Channel Version Available
  • OBD-II Scan tool- read/clear DTCs and log up to 16 channels of CAN OBD-II Data
  • Log directly to SD card (included)
  • Playback log data on screen and/or with powerful LogWorks software (included)
  • Large high-contrast graphics LCD
  • Built-in RPM converter (direct frequency or with optional inductive clamp)
  • 4 fully-differential analog inputs
  • 2 configurable linear analog outputs
  • Positive lock connectors for all connections
  • Innovate MTS serial IN and OUT
  • USB connection to your PC
The LM-2 also features two fully programmable linear analog outputs to connect to analog gauges, dyno computers, ECUs, piggyback controllers, and other devices with analog inputs. Analog output 1 comes setup from the factory ready for narrowband simulation; analog output 2 is configured as 0 volt = 7.35 AFR and 5 volts = 22.39 AFR. With the provided LM Programmer software these analog outputs may also be configured by the user.

The LM-2 Kit (Single Wideband O2) includes the LM-2 meter, Bosch wide-band oxygen sensor, 10 ft sensor cable, cigarette-lighter power adapter, analog in/out cable, ODB-II/CAN interface cable, SD memory card, USB cable for PC connection, weld-in bung and plug, LogWorks software CD, and quick-start guide. Carrying Case also included!

More accessories for your LM-1 available here.

For permanently installed tuning solutions, click here.

Manufacturer: Innovate Motorsports
   Click here to visit the manufacturer's home page.


Innovate Motorsports LM-2: Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Meter    [More Info]


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