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RaceCapture/Pro Datalogging System

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RaceCapture/PRO brings data acquisition and control with real-time telemetry capabilities to your race or street car. You didn't spend all that time and money to come in second. You play to win, you always have. Race Capture Pro is a powerful, multi-channel data acquisition and control system designed to be installed in your street or race car. It features:
  • High Frequency 10Hz GPS for accurately tracking your position in the world
  • Precision 3 Axis digital accelerometer to measure G-forces in all directions
  • Sensor Inputs to measure engine temperature, throttle / brake position, boost pressure, wheel speed, RPM and more!
  • Hardware expansion to add OBD-II and CAN interface upgrades
  • All in a compact, rugged enclosure you'd be proud to show off.

RaceCapture/PRO doesn't only collect data; it can process it in real-time and control devices on your race car. With RaceCapture/PRO's control capability you can do things that range from simple to sophisticated. Things such as:

  • Activate a fan when a temperature threshold is exceeded
  • Log data at a higher resolution near a certain GPS coordinate, like at that one problematic corner of the track
  • Control an intercooler sprayer based on temperature and boost level
  • Intercept and re-map an OEM sensor to override stock engine management behavior
  • Experiment with active aerodynamics by controlling a wing based on GPS velocity

RaceCapture/PRO isn't just a powerful data acquisition and control system; It’s an open source hardware and software project. Autosport Labs will open the design for your inspection, tweaking, and customization. No secret file formats and no expensive, proprietary add-ons. Frankly, we think this is silly and it's time that a project like this exists to serve the enthusiasts first.

Realtime Telemetry

RaceCapture/Pro's cellular telemetry module allows you to see in real time your race car's performance and stats via a pre-paid T-Mobile SIM card (purchased separately; AT&T support coming soon). Data streams directly to the cloud to and is viewable from anywhere, whether the pits, to friends at home, or fans far away. This lets you:
  • Make more strategic decisions based on live data from your car.
  • View vital stats from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • Allow your drivers to do what they do best while you monitor your vehicle's performance.
  • Plan your racing and pit strategy based on real data.
  • Share lap times and GPS location with your team's fans!
  • Track and record lap times.
  • Replay and analyze previous events (coming soon!)
RaceCapture/PRO Open Source Data Logging System

No Longer Available


Realtime Telemetry Unit for RaceCapture/PRO Data Logger (pre-paid T-Mobile sim card required, not included) Brand: Autosport Labs



Bluetooth Module for RaceCapture/PRO (to be used with the RaceCapture Android app, downloadable from the Google Play store)



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