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Lighting Upgrades

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  The Bosch H4 Euro upgrade is one of the most popular for 911's. This upgrade kit replaces the entire headlamp assembly inside the headlamp bucket. A new special lens focuses the light more completely and directly so that you can see farther, and avoid hitting things when travelling at high speeds at night. The entire installation is a snap, and can be completed in about a half an hour with only a phillips screwdriver. For more information, take a look at our Pelican Technical Article on the Bosch H4 European Assembly Installation for the exact procedure on how to perform the replacement yourself. We also recommend replacing the headlamp to fender seal when you are installing a set of new H4s. Want to protect your new investment from rocks and stone chips? Consider a pair of our H1/H4 Airplex Headlamp covers. These custom-fit clear acrylic plastic covers mount over the lenses, and are nearly invisible! The headlamps come in either chrome or a black painted finish. There is a factory cover plate that fits around the outer headlamp rim (covering up the chrome or black) that is primered, and can be painted the color of your car. However, to install this cover rim, you also need to replace the single lower attachment screw for the entire assembly with the inner and outer screws listed below. The inner screw actually fits inside the outer screw and holds the primer ring to the assembly. The headlights come without bulbs.
High Power Headlamp Relay
We recommend installing this upgraded relay in order to safeguard against current overload and fuse blow-outs. Adding the relay guarantees that current is going directly to the headlamps. Recommended for upgrading to 100W bulbs - lesser wattage bulbs do not need the high power relay.
Rear Fog Lamp Kit
Originally installed on European cars, this is the rear fog lamp which is attached below the rear bumper. This kit includes the fog light housing, red lens, mounting bracket, and bulb.
For more information on performing this upgrade, check out our Pelican Technical Article on lighting upgrades.
Bosch H4 Headlight, European with Chrome Trim Ring (Bulb not included) Also use Qty. (1) 911-631-141-00-M260 Rim, (1) 911-631-033-00-M260 Screw, (1) 911-631-132-00-M260 Screw, (1) 900-631-103-90-M97 Bulb and (1) H-4 Bulb (Note: The lens is no longer inscribed Bosch. They now have AL(Automotive Lighting) on them.) Brand: Automotive Lighting



Hella H4 Headlight, Black Trim Ring (Bulb not included)(Note: The lens is no longer inscribed Bosch. They now have AL (Automotive Lighting) on them), Each Brand: Automotive Lighting



H4 55/60 Watt Replacement Bulb Brand: Hella



H4 55/100 Watt Replacement Bulb



H4 80/100 Watt Replacement Bulb Brand: Osram-Sylvania



H4 Euro Primered Headlamp Cover Ring (2 per car, sold individually) Also use (1) 911-631-033-00-M260 inner screw and (1) 911-631-132-00-M260 outer screw, 911 (1974-86) Brand: OEM



H4 Euro Headlight Screw, Outer (1974-86) Brand: OEM



H4 Euro Headlight Screw, Inner (1974-86), fits inside outer screw Brand: OEM



H4/H1 Airplex Headlight Covers, pair



High Power Headlamp Relay Brand: Wehrle



High Power Headlamp Relay Brand: Meistersatz



Rear Fog Lamp Housing, Red Lens (does not include bulb or electrical connections), 911 (1965-89), Each



Rear Fog Lamp Mounting Bracket, 911 (1965-89), Each Brand: Genuine Porsche



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