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High Performance Brake Rotors
Cross-Drilled Rotors
High Performance Brake Pad Sets
Hawk Performance Brake Pads
BHP Performance Brake Pad Sets
Pagid Racing Brake Pad Sets
ATE Brake Fluid
CenterForce Clutch Package (Plate and Disc)
Sachs Power Clutch Kit
Carrera Cup Flywheel/Clutch Conversion
911Chips Performance Chips
Engine Mounts (Sport Version)
Euro RS Engine Mount
Custom Service Cover
B&B Mufflers
Fabspeed Exhaust Systems
993 Supercup Sport Exhaust
993 MaxFlo Hi-Performance Muffler
993 Bolt-On Rolled-Edge Muffler Tips
Fabspeed 993 Catalytic Converter Bypass Pipes
964 MaxFlo Hi-Performance Muffler
Air/Fuel Ratio Monitors
Air/Fuel Ratio Monitors
High-Performance Intakes
EVO HighFlow Air Intake
EVO V-Flow Air Intake
Fabspeed Motorsport Cup Performance Airbox
K&N Air Filters
K&N Air Filters
BMC High Performance Air Filters
Durametric Software Diagnostic Tool for Porsche
Fuel Injection Diagnostic Tools
AutoEnginuity Complete OBDII Diagnostic Tool
ScanTool Software Expansions
Air/Fuel Ratio Meter
WEGO IV Wide-Band Air/Fuel Ratio Tuning Aid
Innovate Motorsports LM-2
Drivers Dead Pedal/Footrest
Speed Bleeder Valves
Jack Pad
Rennline Perforated Pedal Sets
Rennline Perforated Pedals - 4-piece, manual
Rennline Perforated Pedals - 3-piece, manual
Rennline Perforated Pedals - 3-piece, Tiptronic
Rennline Perforated Gas Pedals
Rennline Rubber Grip Pedals
Rennline Rubber Grip Pedals - 4-piece, manual
Rennline Rubber Grip Pedals - 3-piece, manual
Rennline Rubber Grip Pedals - 2-piece, manual
Rennline Rubber Grip Gas Pedals
Rubber Grip Throttle Extensions
Rennline Adjustable Lifter Plate
Rennline REV2 Pedals
Rennline REV2 Rubber Grip Sets
Rennline REV2 Perforated Sets
Rennline REV2 Adjustable Gas Pedals
Drivers Dead Pedal/Footrest
Rennline Perforated Aluminum Dead Pedals
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Rennline Block-Off Plates
Rennline Aluminum Floor Boards
Driver's Side / Solid
Driver's Side / Perforated
JE Pistons
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Weltmeister Cambermeister Strut Brace
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Rothsport 964/993 Factory-style RSR Strut Tower Brace
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Pelican-Recommended Porsche 911 Upgrades - Page 5

Fabspeed Exhaust Systems

Fabspeed 993 Catalytic Converter Bypass Pipes
Fabspeed's Catalytic Converter Bypass Pipes were designed for track events and are FOR OFF ROAD USE ONLY!

Fabspeed claims up to a 12 HP increase
T304 Stainless steel with show car mirror shine
Easy on & Easy off. Hardware included.
Saves 22 pounds


Fabspeed Catalytic Converter Bypass Pipes 993 (1994-1996 1/2) Bischof Oval flange Pipes     [More Info]



Fabspeed Catalytic Converter Bypass Pipes 993 (1996-1998 1/2) Gillett round flange Pipes     [More Info]

Add this muffler bypass to your 993 Twin Turbo Sport Exhaust System and experience even more fabulous sound - with significant power improvement.

Fits all 1996-1998 993 Twin Turbo and 993 Turbo "S" models
Fabspeed claims 30 additional horsepower and 2/3 fewer seconds on 3rd gear acceleration from 3000 - 5500 rpm
Bolts on in one hour
T304SS mirror polished
Catback 50 state emissions legal

As turbochargers are essentially a "rotary muffler", these muffler bypass pipes are sporty BUT get quieter as the turbos spin faster.


Fabspeed Muffler Bypass for 993 Twin Turbo Sport Exhaust System    [More Info]

These 2.5"/ 63mm cat bypass pipes are designed to maximize power!


Fabspeed 993 Twin Turbo Cat Bypass Pipes    [More Info]

No Longer Available 
964 MaxFlo Hi-Performance Muffler
The MaxFlo system has a nice throaty sound, but isn't too loud for everyday driving. Comes with 4.5-inch edge angle-cut, mirror-polished tip(s). Beautifully finished, with a mirror polish throughout.

Fabspeed claims this system produces an additional 15 horsepower
Simple to install - instructions are included
Legal in all 50 states
Weighs 42 pounds less than the factory exhaust.
Dual or Single Outlet


Fabspeed MaxFlo Hi-Performance Muffler, 964 Dual Outlet    [More Info]

No Longer Available 


Fabspeed MaxFlo Hi-Performance Muffler, 964 Single Outlet    [More Info]


Air/Fuel Ratio Monitors   Camera Pic   Camera Pic

The K&N Air/Fuel Monitor is designed to help the performance enthusiast calibrate and fine tune the air/fuel mixture ratio. It is an invaluable diagnostic tool that has a place in everyone's tool box, or you can install it in your car to give you real-time readings. This kit continually monitors an engine's air/fuel ratio while the engine is running. It is extremely sensitive to air/fuel ratio changes and will show them instantly and accurately, within the range of the oxygen sensor.

The instrument works whether the engine is carbureted or fuel injected, normally aspirated, turbocharged, or supercharged, and at any load condition. This precision instrument also works with nitrous oxide, but will not work with diesel or nitromethane fuels. This kit comes complete with an oxygen sensor that must be installed into the exhaust system by welding. If your BMW is already equipped with an oxygen sensor an air/fuel monitor may be purchased separately and wired into the existing electrical system. An oxygen sensor is also available separately.

Vehicles with dual exhaust systems can utilize an oxygen sensor in each headpipe or collector that is controlled by a switch that will allow each sensor or bank of cylinders to be read independently. This can show if there is a fuel distribution problem within the intake system, or help to pinpoint a potential problem in advance.
Air/Fuel Ratio Monitors


Rectangle Surface mount Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit, w/oxygen sensor    [More Info]



Round In Dash mount Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit, w/oxygen sensor    [More Info]

No Longer Available 


Rectangle Surface mount Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit, without oxygen sensor    [More Info]

No Longer Available 


Round In Dash mount Air/Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit, without oxygen sensor    [More Info]

No Longer Available 


KN Oxygen Sensor, replacement for air/fuel ratio monitor - single wire (includes weld-on fitting)     [More Info]



O2 Sensor Plug and Fitting    [More Info]


Weld on Fitting    [More Info]



O2 Sensor Plug, 18mm x 1.5
   Brand: K&N    [More Info]


O2 Sensor Plug, 18mm x 1.5    [More Info]


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