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High Performance Brake Rotors
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Hawk Performance Brake Pads
BHP Performance Brake Pad Sets
Pagid Racing Brake Pad Sets
ATE Brake Fluid
CenterForce Clutch Package (Plate and Disc)
Sachs Power Clutch Kit
Carrera Cup Flywheel/Clutch Conversion
911Chips Performance Chips
Engine Mounts (Sport Version)
Euro RS Engine Mount
Custom Service Cover
B&B Mufflers
Fabspeed Exhaust Systems
993 Supercup Sport Exhaust
993 MaxFlo Hi-Performance Muffler
993 Bolt-On Rolled-Edge Muffler Tips
Fabspeed 993 Catalytic Converter Bypass Pipes
964 MaxFlo Hi-Performance Muffler
Air/Fuel Ratio Monitors
Air/Fuel Ratio Monitors
High-Performance Intakes
EVO HighFlow Air Intake
EVO V-Flow Air Intake
Fabspeed Motorsport Cup Performance Airbox
K&N Air Filters
K&N Air Filters
BMC High Performance Air Filters
Durametric Software Diagnostic Tool for Porsche
Fuel Injection Diagnostic Tools
AutoEnginuity Complete OBDII Diagnostic Tool
ScanTool Software Expansions
Air/Fuel Ratio Meter
WEGO IV Wide-Band Air/Fuel Ratio Tuning Aid
Innovate Motorsports LM-2
Drivers Dead Pedal/Footrest
Speed Bleeder Valves
Jack Pad
Rennline Perforated Pedal Sets
Rennline Perforated Pedals - 4-piece, manual
Rennline Perforated Pedals - 3-piece, manual
Rennline Perforated Pedals - 3-piece, Tiptronic
Rennline Perforated Gas Pedals
Rennline Rubber Grip Pedals
Rennline Rubber Grip Pedals - 4-piece, manual
Rennline Rubber Grip Pedals - 3-piece, manual
Rennline Rubber Grip Pedals - 2-piece, manual
Rennline Rubber Grip Gas Pedals
Rubber Grip Throttle Extensions
Rennline Adjustable Lifter Plate
Rennline REV2 Pedals
Rennline REV2 Rubber Grip Sets
Rennline REV2 Perforated Sets
Rennline REV2 Adjustable Gas Pedals
Drivers Dead Pedal/Footrest
Rennline Perforated Aluminum Dead Pedals
Rennline Rubber Grip Aluminum Dead Pedals
Rennline Block-Off Plates
Rennline Aluminum Floor Boards
Driver's Side / Solid
Driver's Side / Perforated
JE Pistons
JE Piston Ring Sets
Shock Absorbers
Strut Braces
Weltmeister Cambermeister Strut Brace
Rennline Strut Tower Brace
Rothsport 964/993 Factory-style RSR Strut Tower Brace
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Pelican-Recommended Porsche 911 Upgrades - Page 3

ATE Brake Fluid

Até is the best brake fluid in the business. The Super Blue fluid allows you to actually 'see' when your system is bled out of older fluid. Plus, it's blue, so it's just plain cooler than ordinary fluid.

ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid (exceeds DOT 4 specs), 1 Liter
   Brand: Ate    [More Info]

No Longer Available 

ATE Gold Brake Fluid (Exceeds DOT 4 Specs), 1 Liter
   Brand: Ate    [More Info]

No Longer Available 

CenterForce Clutch Package (Plate and Disc)

Our CenterForce Clutch package gets the Power to the Pavement with 90% more torque holding capacity without compromising street drivability. The updated center spring style, carbon composite friction material provides optimal performance even at higher temperatures and increased clamping force with easy pedal effort.

CenterForce Clutch Package, 911 Carrera 2/4 (1989-94)     [More Info]


CenterForce Clutch Package, 911 Turbo 3.6 (1991-94), 911 (1995-98), 911 Turbo (1996-97)     [More Info]

No Longer Available 

Sachs Power Clutch Kit

If you use your Carrera 2 or Carrera 4 as a daily driver during the week and as an autocrossing machine on weekends, you need the ultimate clutch setup, and this is it. Comes with a High Pressure Clutch Cover, High Friction Disc and Matching Throwout Bearing.
NOTE: We recommend you have the flywheel resurfaced and replace the Clutch Throwout Bearing Guide Tube (part number 993-116-813-06) listed below.

Sachs Power Clutch Kit, 911 Carrera 2/4 (1990-94)     [More Info]

No Longer Available 

Carrera Cup Flywheel/Clutch Conversion

Get greater acceleration with our Carrera Cup conversion. You will save 18 pounds of rotating mass with this kit. Conversion kit includes lightweight flywheel, ring gear, throw out bearing and the Carrera Cup pressure plate and Disc.

NOTE: The addition of a performance chip is recommended with these conversions to prevent poor idling.

Carrera Cup Flywheel/Clutch Conversion, 911 Carrera 2/4 (1989-98)    [More Info]


911Chips Performance Chips

For those owners who prefer to retain the stock programming, but only want the fix for stalling and idle issues as a result of a LWFW/clutch installation. This is a 100% guaranteed fix and not some mickey mouse bump of your idle speed. Subdipping of your idle speed on decel or between shifts - history. RPMs drop perfectly to 850 RPM every time. Bonus: Improved clutch engagement with less slip as a result of the reduced rotational inertia, for better driveability and clutch life. Stop the aggravation and wear to your motor and clutch. Guaranteed factory stability and smoothness.

911Chips LWFW Fix Chip by Steve Wong, 964 (1989-94) with Lightweight Flywheels (LWFW)    [More Info]


Carrera Cup Flywheel/Clutch Conversion, 911 Turbo (1991-92)    [More Info]


Engine Mounts (Sport Version)


Mode Inc Engine Mount, Solid Type Sport/Race Version, Set of 2, 964 Carrera 2/4 (1989-94), 993 Carrera/Carrera 4 (1995-98), 911 Turbo (1991-97)
   Brand: Mode Inc    [More Info]

Euro RS Engine Mount


Engine Mount, Euro RS Version (2 per car, sold individually), for use on standard 964 and 993 models
   Brand: Genuine Porsche    [More Info]



Bolt for Euro RS Engine Mount, 12 x 105 mm (2 per car, sold individually)
   Brand: Genuine Porsche    [More Info]



Engine Mount Washer (4 per car, sold individually)
   Brand: OEM    [More Info]



Washer (12.4 x 34 x 5 mm) for Engine Mount (4 per car, sold individually)
   Brand: Genuine Porsche    [More Info]



Washer (8.4 x 21 x 3 mm) for Euro RS Engine Mount (4 per car, sold individually)
   Brand: Genuine Porsche    [More Info]


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