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SRS Reset Tool
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SRS Reset Tool

The BMW airbag light is something that every installer, mechanic, racer and tuner will eventually face. The removal of interior components such as the seat, steering wheel, ECUs, parts of the wiring harness, etc... will cause the airbag light to come on. And it stays on, until a tool is used to reset it. Until now, the only solutions were a trip to the dealer, which will always costs you time and money, or the purchase of a very costly scan and reset tool. With The low cost, R5/SRS, you simply read the code, look up the code in our code book, make sure you know exactly why the airbag light is on, fix the problem, then reset it. That simple.

To select the right tool, please be sure to view the Peake Research Application Guide.

R5/SRS: 1994-2000*
R5/SRS-16: 2001-2003 (plus many 2004 models)

* Mechanics; The compatibility range of the R5/SRS can be extended past 2000, to 2003/4, by simply adding the AB03 adaptor. In other words, the R5/SRS combined with the AB03 adaptor will give you a compatibility range of 1994 - 2003/4, noting the exceptions below.

Known Incompatibilities:
The SRS/Airbag tool compatibility falls off sharply after 2003. Flagship BMWs, such as the 7 series, are the least likely to be compatible.
The SRS/Airbag tool is not compatible with any BMW built before 1994.


Peake Research R5-SRS Airbag (SRS) Scan/Reset Tool for BMWs (1994-mid 2000) NOTE: Can be Adapted for use on 2001-2003 models with optional Adaptor #PEL-AB03     [More Info]


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