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Alignment Tools
Precision Camber Alignment Tool
Laser Toe-in Alignment Plates
Precision Ride Height Gauge
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Alignment Tools

Whether your simply doing your own work, or trying to tune your car up for the track, our offering of special alignment tools will help you to find the absolute best setup for your 911.
Precision Camber Alignment Tool
The SmartCamber tool digitally measures camber and caster quickly, easily, and repeatably. With the push of a button it automatically compensates for non-level floors so it can be used at home, at the track...even on a trailer with complete confidence. Plus, the module is removable and can be used for measuring any angles including drive shaft, wing and suspension angles, so it is really two tools in one. Accurately measures in 1/10th of a degree increments. Most effectively used with the optional Hands-Free adapter (as shown in second photo) because it allows the tool to be attached to the wheel while suspension adjustments are made - fast, accurate and super easy. Beats the heck out of using an $18,000 alignment rack!
Optional Wooden Carrying Case: Hand made lacquered birch plywood box with specially designed anchor screws to hold the tool in place. Very high quality and made in up-state New York by skilled craftsmen.


SmartCamber Alignment Tool (12in to 18in wheels)    [More Info]

No Longer Available 


SmartCamber Hands-free Adapter    [More Info]

No Longer Available 
Laser Toe-in Alignment Plates
People have been asking for an affordable, yet highly accurate toe measuring tool for years. Finally, someone came up with an idea that is based on the original "toe plates" method, where two plates that lean against the tire and then, with a tape measure, toe is measured. It is a system that is better than nothing, but has real limitations. For example, body and suspension parts are always in the way making accurate measuring troublesome and inaccurate. With the new Laser Toe Plates, the same principle is applied, but an extremely precise laser beam is shot just 14mm above the ground, reflecting back to a target. With an adjusting knob, the laser is guided to the target and once hit, you simply read the dial indicator (its readings are in minutes of a degree; a handy conversion chart for minutes to decimal is included). It also tells you if you have toe-in or toe-out. Completely portable and extremely accurate.


Laser Toe-in Alignment Plates    [More Info]

No Longer Available 
Precision Ride Height Gauge
This ride height gauge was designed to be used on a wide variety of cars, from very low super-speedway cars to sports cars to vintage cars to daily drivers. Its function is simple and straightforward and easy to use. When not in use or in transport, there is a sliding black plastic bushing that locks the arm in place, this will prevent the arm from bouncing and damaging the arm or the indicator.
Measuring Range: As delivered, the gauge will read from .75" to 3.0". With the enclosed long standoffs, the range is increased from 2.75" to 5.0". The gauge is calibrated so the initial reading you see on the dial indicator is the thickness from the bottom of the tool to the top of the sensing nut (acorn nut). It will read directly in thousands of an inch. One full revolution of the large needle equals one inch. The smaller indicator reads in full inches. The Gauge's measuring arm is a full 18" long and only .75" tall, so it can get under the lowest of cars.


Precision Ride Height Gauge    [More Info]

No Longer Available 

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