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BMW E30 (1984-91)
Timing Belts
Belt Tensioners/Parts
Camshaft Seal
Cam Flange O-Ring
Engine Belts
Radiator Hoses (6 Cylinder Cars)
Thermostat Hoses (6 Cylinder Cars)
Water Pump Hoses (6 Cylinder Cars)
Expansion Tank Hoses
Miscellaneous Water Hoses
Water Pumps
Thermostats (6 Cylinder Cars)
Thermostat Gaskets/O-Rings
Thermostat Housing Gaskets
Thermostat Housings and Parts
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BMW E30 (1984-91)

Thermostat Gaskets/O-Rings
These gaskets are used to seal the thermostat in its housing. Replace these every time you replace the thermostat.

O Ring, Thermostat 60x3.5mm, 325/e/es/i/is/iC/iX (1984-91)
   Brand: D P H    [More Info]

Thermostat Housing Gaskets
These are the gaskets that seal the thermostat housing to the engine. Be sure to replace this gasket every time you remove the thermostat housing.


Gasket, Thermostat Housing, 325/e/es/i/is/iC/iX (1984-91)
   Brand: Victor Reinz    [More Info]

Thermostat Housings and Parts
This is the housing that covers the thermostat and secures it to the engine.


Plug for Thermostat Housing **Must use w/Seal Ring 07-11-9-963-200, 325e/es/i/is/iC/iX (1984-91)**
   Brand: Genuine BMW    [More Info]



Bleeder Screw in Thermostat Housing, 325/e/es/i/is/iC/iX (1984-91)
   Brand: Genuine BMW    [More Info]


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