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Einszett Exterior Care
Gummi Pflege Rubber and Weatherstripping Treatment
1Z Perls Shampoo
ColourTec Wheel Cleaner
Custom Car Covers
EZ Covers
Custom Car Bras
Kleen Wheels Dust Shields
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Einszett Exterior Care

Our customers demand only the best from Germany - Einszett car care products. Einszett has been providing auto enthusiasts in Europe with quality car care products since the 1930's. Now available in the U.S., their environmentally safe formulations and high concentrations are the perfect solution to cleaning your high performance automobile.

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Gummi Pflege Rubber and Weatherstripping Treatment
Keep your valuable seals and rubber looking factory fresh. Gummi Pflege is specially formulated for protecting rubber from UV damage and keeps rubber from drying out, staying supple and pliable for years to come.


1Z Gummi Pflege Rubber Protection 100 ml    [More Info]

1Z Perls Shampoo
This special shampoo has quickly become the favorite of our customers. It's similar to Exclusiv Glanz Shampoo in that it gently cleans and emulsifies dirt without stripping your paintwork's wax finish or cause spotting or leave a film residue. So why a favorite? Perls adds a wax-like finish while you wash using the latest polymer additives. This finish not only adds a beautiful level of depth and gloss but it protects for up to three weeks. A shampoo everyone should have on their shelves. 500ml

1Z Perls Shampoo     [More Info]

No Longer Available 
ColourTec Wheel Cleaner
ColourTec is an advanced, fast-acting wheel cleaner that effectively removes brake dust and road grime. Color changing formula lets you know it's working when it changes from clear to purple. ColourTec is tough on even the most stubborn build-up of brake dust while gentle on all wheel finishes and is able to clean those hard-to-reach places such as lug nuts and the back of the wheel. Little to no agitation is required to get optimal results. Just spray, allow cleaner to work, and when color changes to purple, rinse thoroughly with water. Formulated specifically to remove the heavy brake dust produced by German brake pads. Safe on all wheel finishes. 500ml

ColourTec Wheel Cleaner    [More Info]


Custom Car Covers   Camera Pic

Coverking has proven their experience and quality in manufacturing custom-made car covers for more than a decade. Available in a wide variety of materials for just about any imaginable car, you'll be sure to find the perfect cover for your car.

Easily order your custom cover with our simple Car Cover Wizard! In four easy to follow steps, you can pick and choose your custom car cover.

All car covers sold by Pelican Parts are custom-made. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Click here to open the Car Cover Wizard!

EZ Covers   Camera Pic

The EZ Cover is unlike any cover before. This car cover is so easy to use you will wonder how you ever got along with out it! The case allows the cover to be stored in an area that takes up less then 1.5 ft of space.

Easily order your cargo mat by visiting our EZ Cover Center!

Custom Car Bras   Camera Pic

Give your vehicle year round protection against nicks, stones, bugs and flying debris with a Custom Bra and Mirror Bra from Colgan. Their flannel-backed vinyl is 25% heavier than the competition. This provides added quality and protection. When it's time for you to trade in or sell your vehicle, a small investment now will mean much more value later.

Easily order your custom car bra with our simple Car Bra Wizard! In four easy to follow steps, you can pick and choose your custom car bra.

All car bras are custom-made. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Click here to open the Car Bra Wizard!

Kleen Wheels Dust Shields   Camera Pic

Kleen Wheels are dust shields that protect your wheels from dirty and annoying brake dust. They are very easy to install, are vented for air circulation, and most of all, they keep your wheels shiny clean!!! Once you purchase a set of Kleen Wheels Dust Shields for your vehicle you will never have to scrub your wheels again!

Easily order your Kleen Wheels with our simple Kleen Wheels Wizard! In four easy to follow steps, you can find the right Kleen Wheels Dust Shields to fit your car.

Click here to open the Kleen Wheels Wizard!

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