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Strut Braces Porsche 911 (1965-89)
Tarett Engineering Strut Brace
Weltmeister Cambermeister Strut Brace
Elephant Racing Lightweight Strut Brace
QuickChange Strut Brace System
Rennline Strut Tower Brace
Rennline Integrated Monoball Strut Braces
Rennline Truss Mount Strut Brace Systems
Brey-Krause Strut Braces
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Project 54: Installing a Camber Strut Brace - Page 1

Strut Braces Porsche 911 (1965-89)

Tarett Engineering Strut Brace
Tarett's strut brace easily bolts on, is fully compatible with factory or aftermarket front strut perches, and complies with PCA and POC class rules. The light weight alloy design increases front chassis rigidity for quicker steering response and better handling.

The brace attaches securely with two bolts on each end to prevent slipping under heavy loading, and all the necessary hardware is supplied in metric class 8.8


Alloy Strut Brace Assembly, 911/911 Turbo (1965-89), 912, (Camber Plates In Photo Not Included)    [More Info]

Weltmeister Cambermeister Strut Brace
Get a dramatic increase in steering and suspension feedback, quicker turn in and precise cornering. Weltmeister's CamberPlates replace soft top strut rubber bushings with precision spherical bearings. Moreover, the lightweight aluminum CamberPlates are machined with two sets of mounting holes, providing you with a wide range of camber possibilities.

You can get up to 1 to 1 1/2 degrees more negative camber, so you can take full advantage of the latest super-sticky race and street tires. Bolt-in installation requires no body modifications. Fits all 911, 911 Turbo, 912 1969-89; and all 914. Fits all Bilstein and Koni shocks except 911 Race Konis 1149. Installation requires front suspension realignment.

911 Owners: Step up to improved tire grip and quicker cornering with our optional strut cross-brace kit. (CamberPlates do not work with the standard Weltmeister Cambermeister strut brace [CM-1000]). The cross-brace kit is easy to bolt in and can be added later in 30 minutes or less. This combination provides ultimate strut tower strength for improved turn in and maximum tire grip.
Manufacturer: Weltmeister


Weltmeister Cambermeister Strut Brace, 911/912 (1969-73)    [More Info]

No Longer Available 
Elephant Racing Lightweight Strut Brace
Elephant Racing's 911/930 triangulated aluminum strut brace weighs a scant 3.3 lbs!
Triangulation provides rigidity to hold camber settings under heavy corner loads. Compare to other manufacturer's triangulated braces weighing a portly 15 lbs! Lightweight and rigid - the perfect combination for your race/performance Porsche! Made from sturdy aluminum tubing our braces are tapered and terminated with quality rod-end fittings for precise alignment, adjustability and rigidity. Adjustable pre-load allows you to dial in a bit of extra camber if desired. All required mounting hardware is included. Fit and finish are excellent making these braces as attractive as they are functional. They bolt on easily and can use existing holes on most cars.
The track version is triangulated for maximum rigidity.
The basic is the non-triangulated street version, that offers added rigidity for the daily driver. The basic weighs in at 2 pounds.


Elephant Racing Basic Strut Brace (non-triangulated), 911/912 (1969-89)    [More Info]



Elephant Racing Triangulated Strut Brace, 911/912 (1969-89)    [More Info]

QuickChange Strut Brace System
Elephant Racing's unique QuickChange™ strut-brace system is expandable to grow with your needs. Quick release pins let you remove or reconfigure in minutes.

Expandable - Start with a single-bar strut tower brace and later scale up with triangulation or even a full-blown 935 X brace, the system is completely upgradeable. Grow or reconfigure your brace to match your changing needs for chassis rigidity, storage capacity, and budget.

Quick Release - Tubes are secured with quick release pins, each held in place by a detent ball. Quick Release pins allow fast, tool-less removal for service access or expanded stowage capacity.

Build Quality - Truly awesome appearance matches the functionality. Oversized aluminum tubing has a beefy, stout appearance yet remains lightweight and has a purposeful frosted anodize finish. CNC machined billet aluminum clevis ends are anodized a tasteful burgundy color.

All configurations are completely bolt-in, no welding required. 1978-89 911's drill one hole for triangulation option. 1966-77 911's already have the hole. Integrates easily with all Elephant Racing's camberplate and strut top monoball options including stock camberplates and rubber bushings.
Single Bar - The foundation of the system, the single bar connects the strut towers together for reduced flex.


Elephant Racing Single Bar Quickchange Strut Brace, 911/911 Turbo (1966-89)    [More Info]

Triangulated - Triangulation locks the towers even more rigidly in place to maintain camber settings – even through high G corners.


Elephant Racing Triangulated Quickchange Strut Brace, 911/911 Turbo (1966-89)    [More Info]

935 X Brace - Inspired by the chassis braces used on 935 race cars, the X brace increases chassis torsional rigidity. Completely bolt on, it attaches to the camber plates and the front corners of the trunk.


Elephant Racing 935 X Quickchange Strut Brace, 911/911 Turbo (1966-89)    [More Info]

935 X Triangulated - The most rigid brace available, this configuration adds the triangulated member to the 935 X brace.


Elephant Racing 935 X Triangulated Quickchange Strut Brace, 911/911 Turbo (1966-89)    [More Info]

Start with any of the above configurations. All can be fully upgraded by simply adding components. No throwaways!

Elephant Racing Triangulated Add-On Upgrade For Quickchange Single Bar Or 935 X Strut Brace, 911/911 Turbo (1966-89)    [More Info]


Elephant Racing 935 X Add-On Upgrade For Quickchange Single Bar Or Triangulated Strut Brace, 911/911 Turbo (1966-89)    [More Info]


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