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Cam Timing Porsche 911 (1965-89)
Metric Dial Indicator Gauge
Cam Shaft Tools
Mechanical Tensioner/Tool
Camshaft Sprocket Alignment Tool
Cam Nut Tool
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Cam Timing Porsche 911 (1965-89)

Metric Dial Indicator Gauge
A must for every Porsche owner, this metric dial gauge is not only useful, but it's also cool looking too! 0-10MM travel. Measures in 100ths of a millimeter. All steel and brass construction. Resettable pointers. Use with any standard holder.

The Metric Dial Gauge is a requirement for setting the sensitive timing adjustment of the cams when rebuilding a 911 motor. It's also essential when measuring the flywheel and crank shaft end play. The Z-block fixture is designed to hold the dial gauge while adjusting the 911 camshaft timing, and also comes with a dial gauge extension pin. The Dial Gauge Holder is designed to hold the gauge while measuring flywheel and pulley end play.


Metric Dial Gauge    [More Info]



Dial Gauge Holder (Z Block), w/extension Pin    [More Info]



Dial Gauge Holder     [More Info]

Cam Shaft Tools
Rebuilding your engine means doing the job right. Without the right tools, the best work in the world is useless. Don't scrimp on the tools when you're saving money by doing the process yourself.

The Cam Shaft Socket, Cam Bar, and 46mm Crows Foot Wrench are absolute essentials when assembling or tearing apart your 911 engine. The cam shaft nut that secures the timing requires almost 200 ft-lbs of torque, two people, and the right tools to remove. Attempting to remove this nut without the proper tools can result in damage to your engine!

The spring clips are used to secure the cam followers (tappets) inside the case while you are assembling it. Very often, these will fall out as you rotate and move the case around. Protect them from damage by installing these retaining clips.

The chain sprocket holder is a much more secure method of retaining the chain when you perform a tensioner replacement. Designed to prevent the chain from slipping off the cam shaft sprocket, this tool can be an invaluable life saver. Also used during the upgrade process is the chain tensioner tool, which holds the chain tensioners in their compressed position so that they may be easily installed in the engine.


Cam Socket, 1/2 Drive, 911 (1965-80)    [More Info]



46mm Crows Foot, 911 (1965-80)    [More Info]



Cam Shaft Securing Bar, 911 (1980-89)    [More Info]



Cam Shaft Securing Bar, 911 (1980-89)
   Brand: Genuine Porsche    [More Info]



Spring Clips (pair), 356, 912, 914    [More Info]



Chain Sprocket Holder     [More Info]



Chain Tensioner Tool, 911 and 930     [More Info]

Mechanical Tensioner/Tool
Use these specially designed and fabricated mechanical tensioners to set cam timing (they don't interfere as normal tensioners do), or as a bulletproof alternative to pressure-fed or hydraulic tensioners for racing. CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and anodized for years of service, these will become an integral part of your tool box or race motor. Complete with tensioning bolts, locking nuts, and spacers.


Stomski Racing Mechanical Chain Tensioning Tool Set (pair), 911 (1965-98)     [More Info]

Camshaft Sprocket Alignment Tool
Sprocket alignment on the 911 engine requires an accurate and repeatable ability to measure offset of the sprockets and lay shaft. Simply using a straight edge and calipers requires at least three hands and rarely produces precise measurements. Now, with the SR008, measuring sprocket alignment on the 911 engine has never been simpler, more accurate, or more repeatable. A precisely fabricated block of 6061 aluminum secures an oversized Starrett straight edge to enable easy and exact measurements. No more guessing or settling for "close enough." Demand the best from you tools. Manufactured by Stomski Racing.


Stomski Racing Camshaft Sprocket Alignment Tool     [More Info]

Cam Nut Tool
These specially designed and fabricated nuts secure the 911 cylinders in place during rebuild. The nuts allow for easy crank rotation and installation of pistons/cylinders without having cylinders slip out of the case. Precisely fabricated from 2011 aluminum and anodized for years of service. Our latest version of these nuts now includes a Delrin insert on the contact area that further protects the cylinder surface.


Stomski Racing Cam Nut Tool, 911 (1965-98)     [More Info]


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