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Big Brake FAQ

1. Who is Brembo?
Brembo supplies the brakes for Porsche, Ferrari, and the new MBZ 'S' Class, as well as, many of the top Formula 1, Indy, and GT teams. Brembo is the only brake company in the world that makes complete systems.

2. Why do I need bigger brakes?

Safety - Shorter stopping distances
Get an extra margin of safety, shorten your stopping distances sometimes up to 30%. As little as 10-15 feet can be the difference between an accident and a near miss! If your vehicle is used for car pools, soccer teams, or hauling, that means extra weight, more weight needs more brakes. Bigger brakes are a real safety advantage. On luxury SUV's adding stereo sound proofing, amplifiers, video equipment, grill guards, etc. adds weight. This overpowers stock brake systems and lengthens stopping distances.

Adding superchargers and turbochargers are only one part of the performance equation. More power means faster speeds - and a real need for better brakes! Total performance means power, handling, and braking.

Bigger wheels and tires look great but add extra weight and mass. This means longer stopping distances for your vehicle. You need bigger brakes, and nothing looks as good behind todays 18-20" wheels as a 14" Brembo racing disc and a huge Ferrari F50 size caliper. Over 150 custom colors are available!

3. What makes our Brembo kits different?
Our kits feature 'floating' hat and rotor assemblies to reduce heat and stress. Many 'imitation' Brembo kits use Brembo calipers with lesser quality rotors, assembly methods, and components. These inferior kits do not meet Brembo's quality standards. Our genuine Brembo kits are designed, engineered, and built entirely by Brembo.
4. Do I need bigger wheels for my Brembo brake system?
In some cases. In order to get more stopping power you need a larger brake rotor with more leverage and a bigger pad contact area. In addition, larger calipers with stronger pistons to clamp the pads on the rotor dramatically increase stopping performance.
5. What is included in each Brembo kit?
Brembo kits are shipped complete, pre-assembled, pre-torqued, and ready to install. They include Brembo oversized 4 piston aluminum calipers with sequentially sized pistons, larger diameter racing discs, full 'floating' rotor and hat assemblies with billet aluminum hats and McLaren anti-rattle clips, hi-performance brake pads, stainless steel braided lines, and Brembo mounting brackets and hardware.

6. How long does it take to install?
Installation is easy. No drilling is required. Most 2-wheel applications take only 1-1-1/2 hours to complete. A few 4WD applicaitons require changing the knuckles (which are included with the kit).

7. Will it work with my standard master cylinder, ABS, or traction control?
Yes. That's another reason Brembo has re-engineered the kits. They are designed to work with your standard set-up right along with your ABS or other traction controls.
8. Do I put big brakes on the front wheels, or all four?
The front brakes do approximately 85% of the stopping! Even more during panic stops. That's why we put big brakes on the front wheels of most cars. If you add big brakes to the rear of most front-heavy cars it can cause the rear brakes to lock-up prematurely. This actually reduces the effectiveness of the braking system and can create longer stopping distances. We do offer rear brake systems for specific high performance applications.
9. What do I put on the rear?
Direct replacement hi-performance drilled rotors are available for the rear. They work with your standard calipers and give you more aggressive stopping power, cooler operating temperatures, and reduced brake fade. It's a perfect balance for the larger, more powerful front braking system.
10. What kind of improvements can I expect?

1. Shorter stopping distances. Sometimes up to 20-30% shorter depending on the application and road conditions. The faster you are traveling the greater the improvement.
2. Repeatability. Most cars can stop OK once or twice. Each additional stop gets longer and longer as the fluid heats up. Brembo brakes give you remarkably shorter stops time after time.
3. Reduce or eliminate brake fade. The brake system on your car is just that, a complete system. Each component is matched for optimum performance. Brembo brakes control the heat better which means no brake fade whether you are towing a heavy load, coming down a steep mountain, or blasting from turn to turn on a race track.
4. Better control and modulation. You'll have more feel through the pedal and more progressive brake operation, you can brake harder and still maintain control.

Advantages of Authorized BREMBO Brake Kits

1. Brembo uses larger diameter discs for more leverage - and more stopping power. The Brembo kits offer 14" (355mm) or 13.1" (332mm) brake discs.
2. Brembo discs are thicker and have wider cooling vanes for better heat dissipation and cooler runnig temperatures. This means less brake fade, more consistent braking performance, and longer rotor life. The Brembo discs are a full 32mm thick.
3. Brembo calipers have larger pistons. Larger pistons mean more clamping force and more braking power. Sequentially sized pistons eliminate tapered pad wear. Standard dust seals and scrapers keep dirt out and reduce maintenance.
4. The Brembo hat and rotor assembly is a true 'floating' design. The same design used on the McLaren F1 street car. This allows the hat and rotor assembly to expand and contract at their own rate eliminating a major point of stress (and possible failure). This 'floating' design also reduces the heat and stress transferred to your wheel bearing and hub assemblies
5. The Brembo calipers feature a floating pad design just like the best racing calipers. The floating pad design combined with the floating hat and rotor assembly allows the system to seek a true centerline for maximum braking performance and consistency.
6. Brembo doesn't rely on locktite to secure the caliper studs. Brembo brackets have custom caliper studs with lock-pins in the threads that won't vibrate loose. DOT approved stainless steel braided lines are also included.
7. Quality! Brembo is the original equipment supplier to Porsche and Ferrari. The Brembo discs used in these kits are the real thing. The same parts used by many CART, IRL, NASCAR, and Trans Am Championship race teams.

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