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The following questions are the ones most frequently asked by our customers in regards to our Suspension Products. If your question is not answered here, please contact Eibach Suspension at (909) 256-8300 or fax (909) 256-8319.

What makes Eibach springs better than others?  Index

Eibach springs obtain their impressive performance through an extensive process, beginning with nearly 50 years of spring technology by dedicated engineers, craftsmen and enthusiasts. We take our years of racing experience and combine them with controlling every aspect of producing the finest performance springs. This journey begins with our own engineers extensively testing and determining the optimal design characteristics for each application. We then manufacture the springs using spring wire to Eibach engineers specifications on computerized coiling equipment. We are pleased to be able to have this question best answered by our "very picky" partners from around the globe who have already discovered Eibach´s commitment to quality, consistency and performance is second to none. Thank you McLaren F1, AMG-Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Ford, VW, Alfa, Lotus, Alpina, Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari etc.

I want to lower my car, but do not want to give up my ride quality, will Eibach springs ruin my ride characteristics?  Index

Eibach engineers are familiar with the balance of optimizing handling while maintaining ride quality. Without extensive research and pioneering of progressive rate performance suspension springs Eibach springs will provide the exceptional handling and precise vehicle responsiveness and stability with minimal effect to the ride quality. Eibach suspension components are designed to allow the suspension to move in a controlled manner unleashing the performance potential of the vehicle... Unleash the power. We want the driver to be a working component rather than a passive operator.

Is it necessary to have my vehicle aligned after installing an Eibach Spring Kit?  Index

Yes. Any time you work on the suspension system and after the ride height, it is necessary to check and adjust the alignment of the vehicle. By lowering the center of gravity and ride height of a vehicle to enhance the handling, some negative camber may occur, which additionally improves adhesion during performance driving. In setting up a performance suspension system, some negative camber is desirable. Eibach offers alignment kits for selective applications to assist in performance and street suited alignment requirements.


Some competitor' spring kits claim to lower my vehicle more than the Eibach kits... isn’t this better? If the vehicle is lower, won’t it handle more like a racecar?  Index

A spring kit that lowers the vehicle excessively will be operating with little or no suspension travel, resulting in an uncomfortable ride and unsafe handling. The vehicle may skip over bumps and road transitions, causing the tires to loose contact (adhesion/traction) with the road surface. A race prepared vehicle has a chassis and suspension designed for use solely on racetracks. The requirements for an everyday, street-driven vehicle that encounters potholes, expansion joints, weathered tarmac etc. are completely different. Eibach spring kits lower the vehicle center of gravity properly while maintaining adequate suspension travel to meet the demands of the enthusiasts. Trust into the experienced Eibach engineers who have always tried to design the ultimate sportive suspension. They also have to dissuade from irresponsible extreme lowered set-ups, where the vehicle is riding mostly on the bump stops. This is dangerous and in most countries illegal!


What shocks or struts should I use with an Eibach Pro-Kit?  Index

Eibach Pro-Kits are designed to work with original equipment shocks and struts provided they are in good working condition.

Aftermarket performance shocks and struts will increase the overall performance of your suspension and are also recommended for use with Eibach Pro-Kits. Pro-Damper - valved by Eibach, is the newly established line of Eibach performance dampers. The Eibach Pro-Damper is the ultimate match for the Pro-Kit as it is the only damper line which is valved to work in unison with the Pro-Kit characteristic.

Are Eibach street products street-legal everywhere?  Index

Eibach’s performance street products are designed and manufactured to the highest technical standards, including the DIN EN ISO 9001 German TÜV, Japanese MOT and the additional local standards found worldwide. Eibach performance street products contain the critical requirements of:

    • Maintaining minimum pre-load to assure positive spring location under all driving conditions
    • Maintain calculated remaining travel for impressive performance, safety and ride quality
    • Dynamic durability assurance to provide years of lasting performance
    • Corrosion protection meeting the requirements of the OEM industry and Eibach’s critical standards
    • Backed with a guarantee and reputation of the leading performance suspension company

Eibach’s Pro-Kit, Pro-Damper, Anti-Roll-Kit and Pro-Control Bar are legal in practically all countries around the world. A few exceptions may apply.

Will I have proper tire clearance with a "plus size" wheel & tire package after installing an Eibach Pro-Kit?  Index

All Eibach suspension kits are designed and tested around the vehicle’s original wheel and tire combination as provided by the manufacturer. The installation of an Eibach Pro-Kit does not alter the original range of wheel travel and as a result can never be the cause of wheel or tire clearance problems. It is best to work with a reputable wheel and tire dealer that is knowledgeable in the proper wheel size (width and offset) that is correct for your vehicle in order to prevent clearance problems caused by improper wheel and tire packages.

What is wrong with heating or cutting a coil spring to lower a vehicle?  Index

Heating or cutting a coil spring in order to lower a vehicle is just plain foolish. These procedures are very dangerous and at the very least results in poor handling due to the changing of the original springs characteristic and pre-load.

When Eibach suspension springs are fitted, will the car sit at the correct ride height or will it need time to settle?  Index

All Eibach suspension coils are pre-set to eliminate settling and increase life expectancy. Some minimal settling may occur as the new spring mates up to an existing rubber suspension isolator, this is normal, but is not the same as a poorly produced spring which may take a set and effect the ride height, handling and alignment of the vehicle.

My vehicle has a torsion bar at the rear (or front). If I lower the front (or rear), how do I alter the other end of the vehicle?  Index

Vehicles, equipped with coil springs at one end and torsion bars at the other, have a height adjustment available from the factory, which allows altering the ride height to be compatible with the height of the Eibach coil springs. The maximum load capacity of the torsion bar will be reduced.

Can I just fit front (or rear) springs instead of the complete front and rear set?  Index

NO!! Eibach suspension springs are designed as a balance spring system producing increased performance, responsiveness and driving enjoyment. Under no circumstances do we recommend or endorse the installation of 1/2 of an Eibach spring system.

Is it allowed to do the installation of the springs by myself?  Index

NO!! We absolutely warn to install springs without the proper equipment plus the experience of a professional work-shop. A compressed spring usually stores more than 500kg (> 1000 lbs) of dynamic energy! Unintentional release is absolutely dangerous.

Does the Eibach Pro-Kit work with the OEM shock?  Index

All Eibach Pro-Kits are engineered to perform in harmony with the original damper of the special vehicle - take for granted a good working condition. All TÜV approvals in Germany certify the combination of the Pro-Kit with an OEM shock.

What happens to the warranty of the OEM shock when combined with Eibach Pro-Kit?  Index

There is no change of the warranty. Actually, the weight of the car and the required basic dynamic work remain the same. Though with special progressive characteristic of the Pro-Kit, the damper is challenged more and usually makes it wear out faster.

Can I load the normally allowed load (trunk) also with an Eibach Pro-Kit?  Index

All Eibach Pro-Kits are designed for the same maximum load like the OE springs. Actually, a progressive Eibach spring generates higher resistance under heavier load.

What is the spring rate of the Pro-Kit?  Index

Only simple linear springs have a spring rate. A sophisticated progressive Eibach Pro-Kit spring has a load/deflection characteristic. The special design parameters are only accessable through Eibach Desk-Tech Database to Eibach’s exclusive partners.

How often should springs be replaced?  Index

An Eibach Pro-Kit spring usually lasts and performs for the lifetime of the vehicle and has not to be replaced. All other springs should be replaced, whenever you don’t like the handling of your car.

Why is Eibach more expensive than other (no-name) makes?  Index

See our first answer of the FAQ’s and drive and test Eibach’s by yourselves – then you know the answer.

Is there a hint how to install the Pro-Kit spring?  Index

Yes! The springs have to be installed that side up that you can read the printing.

Do the Eibach Pro-Kits have different colors?  Index

No! All Eibach Pro-Kits worldwide are coated in diamond-black. Be aware of cheap copies; also identify the Eibach Logo on the spring.

What is the advantage of a progressive set-up – like the famous Eibach main- and tender spring combination?  Index

Each suspension set-up is a critical balance between two contradictions:

  • as soft as possible and as stiff as possible

The progressive set-up combines both targets:

  • the smooth, softer initial characteristic for the traction and comfortable cruising
  • the sportier, stiffer final rate for reduced body roll and better responsiveness under curving, braking and accelerating.

What is the advantage of a progressive Eibach Pro-Kit?  Index

The Eibach engineers transformed their experience in race suspension into street performance. Therefore, please refer to previous question.


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