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Brake Pad Bedding Information

Regular Bedding Street/Track

Drive normally over the course of several hundred miles while gradually increasing pedal effort with each subsequent stop until pedal feel is firm and predictable and brakes feel fully seated. If brake pads are forced to become hot due to emergency braking, it is best to drive to cool the brakes down prior to coming to a complete stop assuming that circumstances permit.

Accelerated Bedding

Part 1
a) Perform a series of 10 to 15 partial stops from 70 mph to 20 mph with the first 3 under moderate braking, increasing to 75% to 90% of full braking during the series of stops.

b) Performance should increase somewhat during this process and fall off toward the end of this cycle.

c) Do not come to a complete stop during this cycle, if at all possible, as this may interrupt the material transfer process to the rotor surface; Note: material transfer process will take longer with new rotors.

d) If friction smell becomes excessive during this first series of stops, become less aggressive with braking and complete the test sequence. Excessive braking at this stage can cause the resins to be released from the friction material leading to Green fade and coating of the rotor surfaces with excessive amounts of resin, which is undesirable, rather than a proper mix of friction material.

e) Allow the brakes to cool by driving at higher allowable speeds and with little if any braking, if possible.

Part 2
a) Repeat the above sequence, including the cooling section

b) Generally 2 complete sequences is often sufficient

c) A 3rd sequence may be performed if deemed necessary.

d) Allow brakes to cool, as per above, before coming to a complete stop or parking the vehicle.


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