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  Warranty / Returns
Warranty Information:
  • All the floor mats sold by Pelican Parts are warranted for 2 years.
    If at anytime during the warranty period, you find a manufacturing defect in your floormat, please send it back to us with a note and your original sales receipt.  We will replace it free of charge for you under warranty repair.
  • The warranty applies to manufacturing defects.  Some examples of manufacturing defects are:
    Colors not uniform throughout the mat
         - Colors not matching on all four mats
         - Seams on edging coming apart
         - Fasteners coming off of mat
         - Significant amounts of yarn falling out of the mat
    Keep in mind that defects like these are very rare, but are indeed covered under the warranty.
  • Abnormal wear and tear are not covered under warranty.
    Obviously, if you spill a can of red paint on your mat, it's not covered under warranty.  Likewise, if you wear soccer cleats while driving, the mat wear is also not covered.  Commonplace, everyday wear on a floor mat is considered normal, and is not covered under warranty repair.
Returns and Exchanges:
  • Mats may be returned for exchange only
    99.9% of the time when mats are returned, it is because the colors don't exactly match the color of your car's original interior.  It is important to remember that carpets fade over the years, and while the color of the mats may accurately reflect your vehicle's original interior color, it may have faded or changed color over the years.   Also, colors on your computer monitor may not accurately reflect the actual colors of the floormats.

    With this in mind, mats may be returned once for an exchange for another set in another color only.  In addition, there is a 50% restocking fee associated with mat returns/exchanges and order cancellations.  This is because we have to manufacture an entirely new set of custom mats again.  In addition, the custom mats received back from our customers are usually not worth much because they are a custom product.

    If you are unsure of what colors will match your vehicle's interior, and you wish to avoid the possibility of a restocking fee, we have the ability to mail you swatches of fabric to help you decide.  Please email us with your address for a swatch kit in the color range that you are looking for (beige, brown, red, etc.).
  • No returns on embroidered mats
    Since an embroidered mat is complete custom product, we do not accept returns on these, except for warranty repair and replacement.  Once a mat is custom-embroidered, it is basically useless as a return item that could be resold.  If a mat is embroidered incorrectly from the factory, then this is considered a manufacturing defect, and will be replaced under warranty repair.  Although our goal is 100% satisfaction, we cannot accept returned embroidered mats because of mismatched colors.  To avoid problems like this, we recommend you obtain a floor mat fabric color swatch from us prior to ordering your mat.

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