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  Luxe Features
Luxe Features...
  • Twelve Mat Colors Available
    The Luxe mats are available in twelve distinct colors, to best match the interior carpet of your vehicle.
  • Sheer luxury - 1/2" thickness of super soft nylon yarn
    Like the plush carpeting in your living room, the Luxe mats are manufactured with an extra long 1/2" super-soft yarn.  This long yarn not only increases the mat's durability and life, but it also adds significant fluff and feel to the mat itself.  Not too many people drive their cars barefoot, but this would be the mat to have it you did.
  • A Nylon Yarn Weight of 48 oz/yd
    While most ordinary mats use 16 oz per yard weight material, the Luxe uses three times as much.  When combined with the longer fiber length, the extra weight yard adds up to significantly longer wear lives, and better protection against the environment.
  • Lifetime Warranty against defects
    The Luxe mats are warranted against defects for as long as the original mat buyer keeps the vehicle.
  • Chemically treated to resist staining and soiling
    Similar to other commercial treatment products, mat-guard helps to seal and bond the yarn fibers so that they are resistant to staining and soiling.  The chemical treatment process ensures that your mat will remain the same color despite all the catastrophic events that may occur to it.
  • Waterproof mat backing to protect your original interior
    Worried about that drive-thru drink that you just spilled on your mat?  No worries, with the Luxe mats.  In addition to the mat-guard chemical protection, the Luxe mats also have a waterproof mat backing to protect your interior's carpet from accidental spills.  No more worries about tracking mud and snow into your car.
  • Urethane cushioning to insulate against heat and road noise
    The Luxe mats have an added layer of protecting.  The heavy-duty urethane cushioning on the underside of the mat helps to reduce excess heat from your vehicle's engine and transmission, all the while reducing the amount of road noise from underneath the car.
  • Optional leather inset with initialed monogram 'branded' into the leather
    As an added feature, the Luxe mats are also available with a unique, stylish leather monogram that is branded into the mat (see photo below).  This high-quality patch is sure to add a touch of class to your vehicle's interior.
  • Hand Beveling around emblems and mat edges.
  • TractionBac non-slip natural rubber backing helps to Keep mats in place.
  • O.E. compatible or Lloyd's own mat fastening system on all front mats.

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