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MOMO began in the 1960's; its history is an example of the creative, imaginative entrepreneurship that has allowed a small Italian business to expand and conquer international markets. It all began with a passion for motor racing. One day Giampiero Moretti, a politics student at the University of Pavia, Italy and amateur racing driver, had a friend of his make a very special steering-wheel for his racing car. It was smaller than the normal one used, but what was most original about it was the handgrip, a very large handgrip that gave a much better hold, making the car easier to handle and drive. This odd steering wheel attracted the attention of many racing drivers, among them John Surtees of Ferrari. The English driver tried it and had it mounted on his single-seat Formula One race car. That was a happy year for Surtees and Ferrari, who won the F1 championship, and for Morretti's steering wheel which had its share in the glory. Requests for it began to pour in, and what had
begun the passion grew into a business.

In 1969 a production plant in Tregnago, near Verona, Italy, was opened to produce these steering-wheels, giving birth to MOMO (initials that stand for Moretti and Monza). The first order was from Ferrari, which had decided to use MOMO steering wheels exclusively on all its racing cars. Initial sales of the steering wheel were limited to the racing world, but in 1970 MOMO began to widen its horizons. On the one hand it diversified production and on the other it broadened its steering-wheel range. It began to produce light-alloy road wheels, a product to which MOMO brought new concepts in marketing and design. MOMO's first big leap in production occurred between 1974 and 1976 when it tripled turnover, going from 700 to 2,400 million lire.

Between 1986 and 1990 the product range was extended, especially in the wheel sector, which began to be a pulling force. At the same time MOMO's diversification strategy went towards new accessories with the creation of MOMO CORSE in 1993 to design and produce hi-tech racing accessories and also import the best of the world's racing fittings.Nowadays MOMO DESIGN has expanded its range of products to a new line of sunglasses, leather goods, sportswear, shoes, snowboards and now high technology and design watches.

1964 Success on the Moretti steering-wheel . MOMO was to produce this steering- wheel on an industrial scale.

1968 Contract with Ferrari to supply steering-wheels for all its Formula 1 racing cars and road models.

1970 MOMO diversified production; the first light-alloy wheel was introduced

1974 Expanding exports; the start of MOMO USA.

1980 MOMO underwrites an agreement with Rolls Royce for supplying all original equipment steering wheels

1982 MOMO Design is founded. MOMO S.p.A.'s turnover is 11 billion Lire. Original-equipment steering-wheel supplied to Daihatsu, Mazda, Toyota, Subaru in Japan and Renault, Peugeot and Citroen in France.

1986 Commercial and technical/productive revamping, expanding, distribution and broadening the product range.

1989 MOMO supplies Jaguar.

1990 Turnover climbs to 56 billion Lire, a 350% increase over 1985. Start of air bag steering-wheel design.

1993 The birth of MOMO Corse and MOMO Hungary.

1994 MOMO turnover reaches 100 billion Lire; the first air bag-steering wheels supplied to Ferrari and Mazda. Porsche becomes one of MOMO's prime customers with a special line of cars equipped with MOMO steering wheels and gearshift knobs.
1995 The consolidated turnover is over 113 billion Lire. Over 40 projects under development for integrated steering-wheel/air bag. Two new road wheel projects were launched with great success (one designed in collaboration with Ferrari Engineering).

1996 The MOMO DESIGN watches were created engaging new and innovative time piece designs. MOMO DESIGN watches are styled with formula one technology and with over 30 years of racing knowledge. MOMO DESIGN watches achieved a new level of excellence in the art of watchmaking with distributors in Italy, Brazil, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Malta, Japan, Chile, Canada, Venezuela and USA.

MOMO 1998
Over the past years the company increased yearly by 25%. Export account for 85% of turnover. The largest share, 44% comes from the Far East. Europe accounts for 26%, the Americas for 13%; the remainder comes from other countries. One of the basic keys to its success on the Japanese market for original-equipment was enlargement of its steering-wheel range, giving customers many to choose from.
MOMO Corse, which deals in accessories designed and produced for racing, road and sports driving. Since April 15, 1996 the MOMO group which employs 660 people, has been wholly owned by BREED Technologies of Lakeland, Florida. BREED is a producer of safety systems (sensors, gas generators and air bag installation) which supplies to the world's major car manufactures. It has 47 plants and can offer the car market first-rate know-how along with constant research and development.
It manages production and business units in England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Mexico and the United States.

MOMO is the world leader in the car-accessory market in the steering-wheel and alloy wheel sector; MOMO S.p.A., with capital of 15 billion Lire, controls another 21 smaller-scale enterprises, 17 of which are manufacturers, two of which are trading companies (MOMO Corse, MOMO USA in California) and one a design outfit (MOMO DESIGN).

Design, innovative and avant-garde technology, safety, quality control, the right kind of distribution strategy and careful imaging are at the basis of MOMO's success. Today, continual stylistic evolution is entrusted to MOMO's Research and Development Center, to which MOMO DESIGN belongs. The use of vanguard technology guarantees the supplier the quality that makes a MOMO product universally acknowledged.

Since 1970 the TUV, Germany's quality control and product safety institute, has certified all MOMO products. Safety is a prime concern at MOMO, and product development and design research are carried out in full observance of safety standards, without detracting from the style and elegance typical of MOMO product.
MOMO's relationship with its dealers is particularly close and gives the company a direct line to a continually evolving market so it can quickly react to change.

MOMO Corse, a division of MOMO S.p.A., was created in 1993. It is a company that designs and manufactures hi-tech racing accessories as wheel as importing and distributing the finest items that can be found in world accessory production.
MOMO Corse products include, among others, racing steering wheels and seats, fire proof driving suits, special exhaust systems, brake pads for racing and road use. It also produces a sportswear line which includes sweaters, wind jackets, T-shirts and caps.

MOMO Corse exports its products to twenty countries in Europe, America, the Far East and Australia. MOMO Corse is a contender today in the world's most important races. It has been on the rally and racing scene with top racing teams: Formula 1 with Irvine's Ferrari, in Indy racing with Michael Andretti and Christian Fittipaldi of Newman-Haas racing.
In 1998 the MOMO Ferrari 333 SP won the 24 Hours of Daytona, the 12 Hours of Sebring and the 6 Hours of Watkins Glen.

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