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Polish or Wax?

The difference between a polish and an ordinary wax is simple:

Polishes are paint cleaners that generally use abrasives or chemicals to remove paint that has been discoloured by impurities and oxidization. Zymol Liquid Polish™ uses superior micro-fine cleaners to remove unsightly scratches and oxidization while leaving behind a simple and effective Beeswax protection.

Ordinary cleaner/waxes contain many of the same abrasives and chemicals that polishes do with the addition of silicones or solvent resins to mask scratches and imitate what a “real” wax should do. Real wax, like the waxes of the Zymol 2-step process are non-abrasive and non-solvent, highly reflective and protective coatings for your paint.

Hd-Cleanse, the first step of the Zymol 2-step process, provides deep cleaning without removing precious paint, restores valuable oils to the paint, eliminates fine scratches and creates an incredible high gloss not possible with ordinary polishes or waxes.

For your everyday car you will see dramatic differences if you use Zymol Liquid Polish. Your special car will be transformed if you use Zymol HD-Cleanse. For maximum protection, use Zymol waxes to complete the Zymol process.

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