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Why HD-Cleanse?

Why Clean The Car With HD-Cleanse First?

Normal washing will not remove all airborne contaminants that settle on the paint surface nor will washing remove dull, oxidized paint. Zymol HD-Cleanse removes acid rain residue, road grime, old wax, oil residue, catalytic converter emissions (hydrochloric and sulfuric acids), bug tar, bird droppings, silicone treatments and oxidized paint. HD-Cleanse leaves the paint surface so clean it squeaks and provides a fresh surface for which Zymol wax can bond. HD-Cleanse will not remove clean paint or clear coatings. In addition to increasing the depth of shine, proper pre-wax cleaning will assure uniformity of the wax shine. Wax applied over oily road grime will look more dull than wax applied over clean paint.

Why Is HD-Cleanse Better Than Other Pre-Wax Cleaners?

Most competitive products incorporate abrasive "grit" to "scrub" the surface clean. HD-Cleanse uses Montan oil (a natural solvent that will not penetrate clean paint), apricot kernel oil, and lemon seed oil spun to a very thin consistency. As you apply HD-Cleanse, the oils penetrate and breakdown everything on the surface of the paint encapsulating grime impurities and dead paint so they can be wiped off without scratching the top paint layer. HD-Cleanse uncovers a lower level of paint with life and lustre without any solvents, abrasives or caustic materials.

Should You HD-Cleanse (And Wax) A Clear-Coated Car?

Yes absolutely! Clear coat is a very thin layer of clear paint (some with urethane) sprayed over the top paint layer. Clear coatings become contaminated and oxidize just like regular paint. Most clear coats will oxidize and wear away within 24 months exposing the top layer of paint. Protecting the clear coat with a good wax may or may not increase the shine, but it will preserve the natural shine of the paint and keep it looking like new for many, many years.

Should You HD-Cleanse The Entire Car Before You Wax It?

Yes. You should HD-Cleanse the entire car, sections at a time, and then wax it.
The wax should be applied to small areas and hand buffed prior to drying.

HD-Cleanse Application      HD-Cleanse Wipe-Off

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