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What is the proper Zymöl Wax for my car?

How Does Carbon™ Wax Differ From Creame™ Wax?

Carbon, the Zymol wax for cars of dark colour, contains a higher percentage of Carnauba (35% vs. 32%) cooked longer with yarrow, a herb that makes Carnauba less hygroscopic (moisture absorbing) so it can be applied in higher humidity without clouding or hazing. A touch of Avocado Oil (1 cup to 110 gallons) allows application without scratching the surface and provides an extra measure of protection against sunlight exposure and abrasion.

What Is Japon™ Wax And What Cars Should It Be Used On?

Japon wax is basically the Zymol Carbon formula with an extra drying agent to promote almost immediate set-up of a thin layer of wax. It is designed for all Japanese manufactured cars from late 1987 and on which use "tri" and "quad" and "flourine" coat paints (LEXUS, INFINITI, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, ACURA). These paint layers are quite thin and are especially susceptible to swirl marks and hairline scratches.

What Is The Advantage of Zymöl Concours™ Over Other Zymöl Waxes?

Concours will produce a deeper shine because it contains Brazilian No. 1 White Carnauba in addition to No. 1 Yellow Carnauba. "White" Carnauba is made from the sap of very young palmetto plants and is highly transparent. Concours also offers added protection because of the increased concentration of Carnauba (47%). This greater concentration provides better protection against airborne contaminants and reduces paint oxidation by diffusing more UV and infrared radiation.


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