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What is in Zymöl Wax?

Why Does Zymöl Blend Coconut and Banana Oils With The Carnauba?

These natural oils are the necessary lubrication for spreading Zymol and serve as a moisture barrier on the paint preventing the paint from drying out and oxidizing. The oils also contribute to depth of shine by providing the fatty esters during the wax cure time.

What Is Montan Oil And Why Is It In The Wax?

Pure Carnauba assumes a rock-like hardness and must be softened before it can be applied. Most competitive waxes use harsh petrochemical solvents to soften the Carnauba, but these solvents also re-enter the paint potentially softening the paint. Montan oil is a natural solvent derived from the sap of the German Coal Black Evergreen tree. The oil is removed from the sap, spun and distilled to make the Carnauba spreadable. Because it is highly spun (very thin) it allows the Carnauba to enter and fill in microscopic scratches on the painted surface yet will not react with the paint itself.

Why Does Zymöl Put An Enzyme In The Wax?

Propolis, derived from the thorax of bees, is the living enzyme culture in Zymol wax. Its function is to assure the Carnauba does not "bond" in the container. Only when oxygen (air) is introduced during application does the enzyme emollient (Zy-mol) actually become "wax " and start bonding to the car surface.

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