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What makes Zymöl Different?
What makes Zymöl different?

Zymol contains no harsh petrochemical solvents, making it safe to apply on all paint finishes including brand new cars. Zymol has an extremely high Carnauba content (32 to 70%) and the Carnauba used is the very highest available grade - Brazilian No. 1 Yellow and White Carnauba. This gives both greater protection and increased depth of shine as compared with other products. Zymol is an enzyme mixture until it is actually applied to the car. Only at that point, when oxygen acts as the catalyst, does Zymol become 'wax' and start bonding to the car's surface. Zymol wax is very easy to apply and remove and will not leave any white "residue' along seams, in cracks or on black plastic trim.

Where Does The Shine Come From?

Some of the shine comes from pre-cleaning (HD-Cleanse) the paint to remove all the dirt, road grime and oxidized paint. This allows the natural gloss of the paint to show through.

The balance of the shine comes from the Brazilian No. 1 Yellow Carnauba which, when blended with other organic materials, becomes a transparent layer on top of the paint. This wax layer can be buffed with a clean wipe towel to a brilliant shine. Waxing a surface that has not been properly cleaned will only result in a shiny wax layer over dull, dirty paint - not the deep smooth, crystalline finish Zymol is capable of obtaining.

How Does Wax Keep Paint From Oxidizing?

First, it keeps airborne contaminants from reaching the paint and starting a chemical reaction. Secondly, it diffuses (refracts) both UV and infrared radiation from the sun. UV and infrared is absorbed by the pigment in the paint causing it to overheat, dry out, dull and oxidize over time. A waxed car will actually have a lower paint surface temperature than an unwaxed car.

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