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Exterior Care


1. Wash your car often! And remember - USE A PROPER CAR WASH!!! Do not use dishwashing detergents and cleaners. They are designed to remove heavy greases and will destroy your car's protective wax finish.

2. Remove all the loose dirt by spraying with a strong stream of water. Pre-clean difficult bugs splats, tar spots, or sun baked bird droppings with undiluted MOTHERS® California Gold® Car Wash and a clean cloth or wash mitt.

3. In a large bucket, mix a small amount of MOTHERS® California Gold® Car Wash (about an ounce) per gallon of water.

4. Immerse a CLEAN wash mitt or soft terry cloth towel in the Car Wash, then start cleaning your vehicle. Begin at the top horizontal surfaces.

5. Rinse often enough to keep the car's body wet.

6. After you've done the horizontal surfaces, go to the upper verticals (sides, front and back). Rinse often. Save the lowest body parts for last - they're probably the dirtiest, and you don't want any more dirt and road grime than necessary lying in your bucket.

Hint: if you EVER drop your wash rag or mitt - get another - DON'T rinse it off and use it again (chances are it picked up small rocks, dirt, etc., and you'll be scraping them against your paint like sandpaper). It wouldn't hurt to use a couple of towels or mitts - one each for upper and lower surfaces.

7. After your vertical surfaces are done, do the grill, lower trim pieces and bumpers. Rinse again. Open the doors, hood and trunk and wipe them with your wash mitt.

8. Rinse the car gently with your hose and let the water run off slowly. Use a gentle flooding motion (hold the end down next to the paint and let it run across). This will actually shorten drying time because the water "sheets" off, rather than leaving spots.

9. Start drying immediately. Begin at the top and work your way down. Use soft 100% white cotton bath towels. They should be washed beforehand with a gentle laundry detergent, and dried WITHOUT fabric softeners.

10. After the exterior's dry, open the doors, hood and trunk. Dry the jambs.

Wax and Trim

1. To protect your finish, you'll need the following:

A. MOTHERS® California Gold® Original Formula Wax (paste or liquid)

- or (for that extra deep, wet look) -

B. MOTHERS® California Gold® Ultimate Wax System®

Phase 1: Pre-Wax Cleaner
Phase 2: Sealer and Glaze
Phase 3: Natural Formula Carnauba Wax
(either paste or liquid)

See How it Works!
The Ultimate Wax System® Illustrated

D. MOTHERS® Back-to-Black® trim dressing
E. MOTHERS® Chrome Polish (if you have any chrome)
F. Between eight and ten clean, 100% cotton soft fluffy hand towels (white)
G. Assorted small cleaning items - toothbrush, pipe cleaners, cotton swabs

2. Apply PRESERVES Protectant to a clean rag and wipe down any non-painted, plastic trim surfaces where you might accidentally get wax (rubber body side molding, hard plastic bumpers, antenna base mount, etc.). PRESERVES helps prevent wax from sticking to non-painted surfaces.

3. Use a dry terry cloth wash towel or a commercial applicator pad to apply your wax. If you're using paste wax, make sure to slightly dampen your towel or applicator. Start on the upper surfaces, applying a small amount with your applicator (thin is good, thick is not). Use an even, circular motion.

4. After it's dried to a haze, pick up a nice clean, soft terry towel (100% cotton of course) and buff back and forth. Turn your towel frequently to a clean, dry spot. Once you're finished, do the next section of the roof, then the hood, trunk and vertical panels.


Repeat the above procedure with each individual step - Phase 1: Pre-Wax Cleaner, Phase 2: Sealer and Glaze and Phase 3: Natural Formula Wax (Phase 1: Pre-Wax Cleaner only needs to be used once or twice a year, Spring and Fall are ideal).

5. Get another clean towel and go over all the seams between body panels, and anywhere else where wax might be hiding (open the doors, hood and trunk, check the trim around the windows and emblems - use the toothbrush, pipe cleaners and cotton swabs).

6. If you have chrome, clean it with MOTHERS® Chrome Polish.

7. Dress your trim with Back-to-Black® trim dressing (wiper arms, non-painted bumpers, door handles, antenna base).

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