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Meguiar's Q&A
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You Have Questions...Meguiar's Has Answers!

What should I use on my tires?
Tires are subject to demanding conditions of heat and constant flexing. Meguiar's Mirror Glaze #40 Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner penetrates deep to restore color and help protect them against deterioration, without leaving a synthetic shine or a brittle surface layer that can cause cracking.

What’s good for vinyl & rubber trim?
Meguiar's Mirror Glaze #40 Vinyl and Rubber Cleaner/Conditioner is specifically designed to restore the deep color and natural luster of all rubber and vinyl components. It penetrates into the structure of the material to replenish lost nutrients and add protection against environmental hazards.

What is safe for my wheels?
Both painted and alloy rims can be harmed by harsh cleaning solutions not specifically formulated for them. Meguiar's Mirror Glaze #36 Wheel Cleaner gently dissolves brake dust and road grime, without the risk of etching your wheels.

Will an orbital buffer work with your products?
Orbital buffers are designed to help produce a better shine with least amount of effort. You can safely use them to apply all of our polishes and waxes. The same goes for many of our cleaners, including Meguiar's ScratchX ,Body Scrub, and Deep Crystal System Paint Cleaner. Meguiar's more aggressive Mirror Glaze professional abrasive cleaners, however, should only be applied with a rotary buffer.

Why do you have so many products?
Surface care challenges vary greatly depending on everything from type and condition of paint, to environmental and storage conditions, appearance goals and time available for maintenance and restoration efforts. Meguiar's has nearly a century of experience at perfecting formulations specifically suited for every situation. That's why our product family is so extensive. And why our free online Paint Care Prescription or Marine Care Prescription can select a surface care solution ideal for you.

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