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Meguiar's Q&A
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You Have Questions...Meguiar's Has Answers!

What’s the best for my brand new car?
Any new car will require a non-abrasive wax that is safe for newer paints. The best wax to use varies with the type of car you are buying, the environmental conditions in your area and the amount of time you are willing to invest in waxing each year. For a recommendation tailored to your specific needs, we encourage you to apply for a free paint care prescription.

Meguiar's Gold Class Clear Coat Liquid Wax is an excellent product for new car finishes. It can be found wherever quality car wax is sold.

How soon can I wax a new car?
A new car that has a factory paint job can be waxed the moment it is rolled out of the plant. Cars that have factory paint jobs are cured at much higher temperatures, because the car goes through the paint booth without the rubber, plastic, and cloth components. This means the paint is cured by the time the car is completed. After-market paint finishes, however, are cured at a much lower temperature to ensure the booth doesn't melt non-metal components. In this case, allow for a 2-3 month curing process before your first wax application.

Should I use a non-silicone wax?
If your car needs repainting, silicone-based waxes create extra work for the painter. The wax will have to be stripped to avoid "fish eye" problems in the painting process. The silicone embeds itself in the finish, and new paint won't adhere properly. The use of some silicone does make certain wax formulas easier to spread. Meguiar's has been the leader in non-silicone technology because of its heavy involvement in the professional field, and most of our retail waxes and polishes are silicone free-yet incredibly easy to use.

How do Final Inspection and Quik Detailer differ?
Both Meguiar's products are designed to maintain that "just detailed" look between washes. Final Inspection has a high gloss, and can be purchased in gallons at local paint supply shops by professional detailers and other high-volume users. For enthusiasts, Meguiar's Quik Detailer provides outstanding results at a slightly lower price per 16-oz. bottle.

Do Final Inspection or Quik Detailer remove wax?
No. These specially formulated products are not cleaners. Both are designed to add gloss and actually prolong the life of your wax by removing fresh contaminants before they bond.

Do Final Inspection or Quik Detailer contain wax?
No. Both products are designed to remove contaminants from the surface and restore the gloss of a freshly-waxed finish however, no wax coat is applied.

At what temperature can I safely apply wax?
For best results, apply Meguiar's wax when the surface of your vehicle is at least 52 degrees and less than 90 degrees F. Remember that even on a 75-degree day, the skin of a car sitting in the sun can easily top 110 degrees. So avoid applying our products when your paint is too hot to touch comfortably.

How do polish and glaze differ?
Meguiar's uses these terms interchangeably, hence the name of our most popular polish: Mirror Glaze #7 Show Car Glaze. Remember that whatever you call them, "polishes" and "glazes" are different from "polishing compounds." Pure polishes (like the ones Meguiar's offers) are non abrasive and totally safe for your finish. They're also essential to assuring the highest gloss and longest life from your paint.

Does polish need to dry?
Unlike wax, polish does not need to dry. Thoroughly work it into the surface one section at a time, then immediately remove the excess before beginning the next section. Apply polish as if you were rubbing lotion into your hands. The more you work into your finish, the better. Don't apply too much at once, though. Only so much polish can penetrate the surface at one time. The rest will be wasted, creating extra residue that is more difficult to remove.

Which products are clear coat safe?
Meguiar's formulates all its products for safe application on clear coat finishes. However some of our more aggressive professional surface preps can only be safely applied to a clear coat by an experienced detailing technician using a rotary buffer. For safe surface prep application by hand on a clear coat, we recommend any of these products:

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