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Meguiar's Testimonials
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"Just wanted to say Thank Your for keeping me informed with the new product catlogs over the years. Have been religiously using your products over the past seven years and still have that showroom finish, thanks to you. Couldn't live without my car duster and Quik Detailer. I use gallons of this one item a year. Keep up the good work. Thanks."
— E.N.

"I try to keep my wife's & my car looking like new. I've tried a million polishes & yalls is the best! The Scratch X remover...she keeps me happy! There is always some scratches showing up ... you cure them! Thanks kindly."
— N. W. , Tyler, TX

"I have a '99 black Cougar that had swirl marks on it. I purchased Scratch X. I must say, that stuff really works well! I think I should let you guys know, great job. I have now become a loyal Meguiar's user, just because of the results on my black car. Your products make my car look new again. Thank you!"
— Chris

"I started using Meguiar's paste polish in 1983 when I bought a new Lincoln Continental. I still have that car and you would not believe the finish on this car after 17 years. No rust at all! I have bought a 1994 Jaguar, which I am starting to use your paste on."
— W.M. , Rockford, IL

"Just wanted to let you know that I used the Meguiar's Clear Coat Body Scrub on the Jaguar this weekend. INCREDIBLE! All the swirls and scratches are gone, followed up with a good coat of Gold Class Wax. The finish looks brand new!"
— G.P.

"After using the sample of Endurance High Gloss you sent me, I went and bought a full bottle. I thought it was going to have the same texture as the regular Endurance, but boy, was I wrong. That is just an indication that Meguiar's took a product and made it even better. Not just put a different sticker on the same bottle like some other car care companies."
— S.M.

"I've always said, "Tires make a car!" and Meguiar's Gold Class Endurance products help to make my entire car look fabulous! I've used every product on the market and nothing compares to Meguiar's. Your merchandise goes on smooth and lasts longer than anything I've tried. Meguiar's is #1 in my book, it's no wonder that you've been around almost 100 years! Keep up the good work!"
— R.F. , Algonquin, IL

"I had to take the time to write about my experience with your Car Odor Eliminator. My car interior smelled horrible to the point I was embarrassed to have a passenger ride in it. It's a 13 year-old car. Since it is always parked in the garage I often forget to put the windows up. Because of this it has gotten sprayed by a couple of stray cats marking their territory. I tried 2 or 3 other products that are highly advertised these days and they seemed to temporarily mask the problem, but I didn't even like the smell of the products themselves. I saw a commercial for your product and decided to check it out. I almost didn't buy it, but when I thought about maybe having to have the car's interior cleaned I decided to give it a try. Well, all I can tell you is how very pleased I have been with the results. Before, if the car was parked in the sun for awhile it smelled bad all over again. Now, it truly smells great. I already have talked one friend into buying it because of cigarette smoke. I do believe in giving credit to a good product. Thanks!"
— E.K.

"Meguiar's Instant Wheel Cleaner is an awesome product!! I hardly ever need to scrub the wheels because the product works so well.""
— E. R. , Fall River, MA

"G75 Endurance High Gloss is fantastic. I have used lots of different products. Endurance outlasts all of them."
— J.B. , Elgin, IL

"Your Extra was absolutely astounding; it cleaned off coffee stains and did a fantastic job on my upholstery. Your Carpet & Interior Cleaner is great. It cleans dirt, grease, everything!"
— Mike , Glastonbury, CT

"I took the Meguiar's car odor remover from the stall & tried it in my car. It's excellent. My car is my office & I smoke quiet a lot with the AC on. Literally, my car smells like an ash tray & the odor remover did remove that stench, leaving behind a soft, pleasant smell. Every day my wife airs the car before she gets in. Today she's gonna be suprised."
— Enthusiastic user , United Arab Emerites

"I tried Meguiar's Extra and it was amazing."
— J.R. VA

"I don't write to companies to comment about their product but after these past weeks of snow and sand on our streets, I had to comment about your "Endurance" tire protectant. I bought the "Endurance" a few weeks ago because I was tired of spraying stuff on my tires, having to re-wipe my chrome wheels from over-spray and then having to do it again in a few days if not hours. So I tried your product and was very surprised and pleased. I put one coat on my truck tires and then it snowed and thawed so they took quite a beating. I washed the tires off as I was trying to get the road salt off the rest of my truck and was very pleased that the tires still looked good. And I was even more surprised a few days later when I washed the truck again and the tires still looked clean and black (and I was using a high- pressure car wash sprayer). I figure if one coat will last through all that snow and slush and salt, I'll have it made when summer returns. Thanks for the great product and glad I found it (saw an ad on television and took a chance)."
— P. B. , Sugar Creek, MO

"Your new Instant Wheel Cleaner and Endurance Kit and the Carpet & Rug Cleaner is the best stuff on the market. I own a detail shop and I have used everything on the market and your Meguiar's is the best stuff out there. I have used Meguiar's for over 15 years now and you people never let me down. The Carpet & Rug Cleaner is the best ever. Keep up the good work!!"
— J.F. & D.K. , Grove City, OH

"Meguiar's claims that Endurance will last much longer than normal tire cleaners, and will not brown the tires. My results show they are not exaggerating. I applied it to my C5 and was quite impressed with how good it looks, and how long it does last. Two weeks later, even after going through the rain several times, it still was nice and shiny. At three weeks, you could still tell it was still there, although it was starting to fade. I was impressed with it's performance, especially compared to other tire cleaning products I have used. You can also add two coats for a deeper shine."
— T.H. Corvette Owner

"I just purchased your "Rich Suds Car Wash" today and must say I am very impressed. In the past I have used many different products from other manufacturers and have not been very happy. I like the way this product does what it promises....I also like the herbal fragrance....when I run out of "rich suds" you can bet I'll buy it again....."
— Keith

"I just had to write you on this product. I am a long time user of all of your automotive and marine products. I tried Endurance for the first time this month. It is wonderful! It applies without making a mess on the vehicle paint finish, wheel wells and wheels. There is no mess on the driveway either! The end result looks great, very even and long lasting as your ads promise. There is no slinging of the excess material. Oh, and it smells great, too! Your customer forever!"
— S.B.

"I always knew that Meguiar's was a good, reputable company, but I am duly impressed with the way you have handled my complaint. Once I told my 3 children the story of how wonderfully Meguiar's stood behind their Guarantee, they all want their cars waxed with your product!! Thanks again for the consideration you extended. I sure I will remain a Meguiar's customer forever."
— K. Smith

"I like all of the new products, especially the Odor Eliminator.... We have a dog now that really enjoys road trips so needless to say I use alot of it."
— S.K. , Oshkosh, WI

"My '92 Ranger had turned a dull greyish pink. I was told I'd have to pay hundreds of dollars to have it buffed. In a desprate frame of mind I picked up your "Deep Crystal" system. My truck's paint now looks deeper and richer red than it did when it was new. I would not have believed it possible!"
— Ginny , Bowlusville, OH

"I have used your products since I got my first car, which was about 20 years ago. You have come out with different products throughout the years and my favorites are Gold Class Prep, Gold Class Wax, Quik Detailer and Endurance. Your products are so easy to use and the results, they speak for themselves. Brilliant, deep, glossy shine that lasts. I have received many compliments on how wonderful my crew cab looks and those who ask want to know my secret. I tell them Meguiar's. Thanks, Meguiar's, for helping to keep my 1998 Chevrolet C/K 3500 Crew Cab looking bright as ever."
— S.S. , Saguache, CO

"My wife and I recently purchased a Toyota Sienna LE. We have a considerable amount invested in the vehicle and wanted to give Meguiar's a try. A quick trip to our local store, and a few hours immediate response....WOW!! I love your Soft Wash Gel. Your Gold Class Wax is the easiest wax I have ever used!!! The Sienna has a tremendous amount of plastic body trim. My old wax would turn it white in an instant! Your wax worked wonders!! Our Silver Spruce Mini-Van is spectacular!!!! I will never buy or recommend anything but Meguiar's! In fact I have already recommended it twice tonight, the first time I have used it!! I also used your Natural Shine Protectant, I love the look!"
— P.T. , Zanesville, OH

"Just used your Deep Crystal System 1,2,3. WOW my 1995 Ford 150 never looked soooo good.Thanks for a great product. I will use it on all of my cars and for my side detailing jobs. Thanks again."
— Gary's Auto Detailing
Lake Ariel, PA

"I have tried virtually every product available to quickly and easily clean wheels of brake dust and grime. The only one I have found to date that does exactly that is your product, Gold Class Instant Wheel Cleaner. While all the others boast of "spray it on, rinse it off", the results are usually marginal and some scrubbing is required. Not so with your product. I use it on my clear coat aluminum wheels, the wire wheels on my son's car, the chrome wheels on my wife's car, and it performs perfectly on all of these surfaces. Congrats on a superior product. Please don't change a thing. It does what you say it will do every time."
— D.V. Bourgondien, Sr.
D. J. Transportation, Inc

"Can't believe it!! Terrific results!!! I've only used the Deep Crystal Polish & Gold Class Liquid Wax on my black 98 Mustang one time, but it made a believer out of me. It has never looked better, not even from the dealer's make ready shop. The extraordinary deep, rich, wet look is still there after a week!! Even the detailer in my parking garage at work has noticed."
— J.W.

"I was surprised to get such a response to my request for a personalized car care guide. The information was good, the coupon was better, and the product catalog was well done, with lots of information and good deals. You know, the car care section has always been confusing to me, so many products and so many uses that I usually don't get anything. Now that I've bought a great car and am committed to keeping it looking good, I'll be a loyal user of Meguiar's products. It's apparent by your helpful guide, quick response and commitment to customer service that you're serious about care car, and that's good enough for me. I think your whole presentation was well done, and you've made a loyal customer right from the start. Thanks!"
— M.S.

"I just used Meguiar's Endurance two weeks ago for the first time. Your ads are true and the product is outstanding. Ever since my first car I have tried to faithfully keep my cars' exteriors in good shape. That would mean of course spraying various products all over the tires after every wash. As you know, inevitably the tires would turn brown and the bumpers would turn gray after every rain and was terribly frustrating. I knew it would only be a short while until I found a product that would not do this. Well, 18 years and 4 cars later you have answered my prayer. I appreciate you taking the time to research and understand this technology. I must admit I was skeptical after trying so many products over the years. Meguiar's Endurance has exceeded all expections. It is two weeks after my first application with over 6 rain events in between and even a wash and the tires still look fantastic. You have earned my business by providing superior car care products and I recommend you to everyone I know. Thank You."
— A.W. , Charlotte , NC

"I love your Gold Class. It did a great job on my Harley and Mercedes."
— M.G., UT

"I have been a Meguiar's product user for about 12 years. I have used several of your products during this time and have NEVER once been disappointed with the results. I recently purchased a bottle of your new product "EXTRA". I used the "Extra" on some very old ground-in stains in some carpeting. Because the stains were several months old and so ground-in, I would have been satisfied if the "Extra" would have removed most of the stain. Allow me to extend to you a sincere thank you. Not only did the "Extra" COMPLETELY! remove the ENTIRE! stain on each one, it did so without fading the color of the carpet. Absolutely unbelieveable. The carpeting now looks new and feels soft again. Thank you for a truly remarkable product."
— J.M. , Buckeye, AZ

"I just wanted to let you know that our conversation was one the most pleasant experiences I have had in dealing with a vendor ever. I cannot get over the level of professionalism and in-depth knowledge of your product that you possess. I have already referred you personally to 3 people. In today's world it seems that people are hired just to answer the phone and write down what a hopefully informed customer asks for. But I have seen that you are different. You took the time to make sure that you answered all of my questions and were able to do it with out telling me to hold on while you yelled to someone in another part of the office for the answer. I am once again thoroughly impressed with Meguiar's. Not just in your product but with your customer service. Thank you again so much"
— J.H. , Trenton, NJ

"I can see why your company in #1. You have excellent customer service."
— L.K., CA

"Thanks a lot for your remarkable product, the Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner. It's so amazing, it's like millions of bubbles on it that lift up the dirt and make it so slick. And it's not like those other products I used before that I need to spray water on it to freshen it. I recommend this also to my firend. Keep it up, you're the best."
— M.T. , Waipahu, HI

"Your trim detailer is fantastic. I use it on my bumpers and everything. All those other products streak."
— William FL

"This is the first time I have ever written a manufacturer about their products, but I have never been more satisfied with a product that I have purchased. I first received your products as a Christmas gift and was skeptical about using them because I hadn't ever heard the brand name before. Was I ever wrong! As far as I am concerned Meguiar's is the only brand of car care products that will be used on my vehicles from now on. Keep up the good work, and thanks for a quality product!"
— D.M. , Jackson, OH

"I hit the internet and discovered Meguiar's "Clay Bar". I read several articles about this and decided that before I spend up to $150 to get my car detailed, I will try this "Clay Bar" for $10.00. I washed my car as directed and sprayed Meguiar's "Quick Detailer" that came with my clay bar package and started to lightly rub on my car. Within seconds these specks totally disappeared and my paint was left smoother than it has ever been, including when I drove it off the lot brand new. I would like to thank Meguiar's for your excellent products, and for saving me over $100 dollars. I can't express how grateful I am, except for telling you that you have won a customer for as long as I drive a car."
— M.T. , Longbeach, CA

"I'll bet you sometimes receive negative letters regarding your products. Well, this is not one of them. Last Saturday I tried your Cleaner Wax on my wife's 1990 Corsica. I tried it on a whim. I have been another brand user for over 25 years. No more! Your product went on easier and came off much easier. Also, your product was cheaper. Monday she took it to work and 3 people wanted to know what product I used, and she told them. I could not believe how much gunk and junk it removed. It looks like it just came off the assembly line. The car is not garaged or covered, but I do keep it waxed. Thank you for a great product and I plan to use it on all my classics ... '55 Chevy Bel Air, '62 Vette, 25 T-Bucket, '66 El Camino, '68 Camaro. No more other brand products."
— R.F. , Santa Ana, CA

"I have used all other products and nothing compares to your Cleaner Wax! It's a snap to use and my car has never looked better!"
— K.S. , Harrisburg, PA

"I tried Quik Detailer for the first time on my 32 ft. motorhome and was asolutely amazed by the ease of the product and the results. It looks just as good as the $300 detailing job I had done."
— J.G. , Rockhill, SC

"Like all classics, this car is extremely special to me. It was once one of Elvis' Cadillacs. It has 56,000 miles & is all original. The car has not been driven since 1985! Even though the paint on the trunk is chipping, I want to keep the original paint. Please help, I only trust this car to Meguiar's wax which I've used since 1972."
— D.C. , Palmdale, CA

"I used Extra on my engine for the first time & I can't believe how well it cleaned it. It's great stuff!"

"I have worked near a chemical plant for 24 years and I have tried everything out on the market to remove the contamination. Your Clay product ( G1116 ) worked great!!"
— D.M. OH

"I started detailing cars when an older brother "let" me compound the door jambs of his 1964 Corvette. I've been at it ever since and think I have used every type of wax on the market. I have used Meguiar's products on my last two power boats and have always been a Mother's California Gold wax fan, however, I recently bought Meguiar's Gold Class Wax at my local Auto Zone store and I have to tell you that it is absolutely fabulous. I did my 1988 420SEL two weeks ago and today finished my wife's red Honda Civic HX. The deep shine on this red car is incredible and my 13 year old Benz looks nearly new. I seldom, if ever, write a manufacturer about their products. I am so pleased with the results of our two cars that I had to tell you. Keep up the good work."
— G.C.

"Just a quick note. I deliver pizza and my truck ends up smelling like a large extra anchovy and mushroom deep dish. Anyway, I bought your Odor Eliminator product and it WORKS!!! My truck does not smell anymore like two day old Pizza. Thanks for such a great product!!"
— L.H. , O'Fallon, MO

"Your Deep Crystal products make my car look like it just got a new paint job."
— R.M. , Norfolk, VA

"Your Ultimate Wipe makes removing product very easy, love it!!"
— Pat , Boise, ID

"I am a very big fan of your product line and have included what are the pretty impressive before and after photos.

With the paint being so oxidized I was very pleasantly surprised to see how well your product worked. I did all the work by hand starting with your Meguiar's Soft Wash Gel and followed by Meguiar's Cleaner & Wax, Meguiar's Deep Crystal System Polish and then Meguiar's Deep Crystal System Wax. I used Meguiar's Metal Polish on the extensive metalwork and hubcaps.

The car's maiden voyage was in a Rotary Parade to raise money for kids. After driving in the parade and parking the car in the show I used Meguair's Quick Detailer for a last minute shine."



Click for larger images
— D.J. , Bountiful, UT

"I use your products frequently and purchased your Gold Class Liquid Car Wax. I've used many, many waxes and I have never used a wax that made my vehicle shine like it did. I live in northern Ohio and would recommend this wax to anyone. Thanks!"
— G.K. OH

"Have a couple of year old sweatshirt with some food spots on the front. Wet the spots with "Shout" and ran through the washer AND dryer. Spots were a little better but still visible. Sprayed EXTRA on the same spots, let set for maybe 1- 1 1/2 minutes and started the washer. Result-NO SPOTS! EXTRA got the spots out and did not bleach out the color where sprayed. EXTRA performed better than Shout!"
— P.S. CA

"Cannot believe how well these Ultimate Wipe detailing cloths remove wax from a paint surface!"
— L.R. , Geroge, LA

"Scratch X removed all my swirl marks!"
— G.V.D. FL

"Gold Class Wash is an EXCELLENT product, love the way it works!!!"
— S.M. , Conyers, GA

"I can't tell you how pleased I am when using your paint care products with the Dual Action Polisher!! Why aren't you promoting this more? When doing my truck, the polisher really cuts down on the sore muscles. I buffed the applied wax with 100% cotton terry towels and the finish looks like glass!!! Can you tell how happy I am with the combination of your products and the Porter Cable Polisher!! I am telling everyone about this, as well as posting on my homepage for everyone else to read."
— M.P.

"I am an owner of a black 1991 GMC Syclone truck and have always used Quik Detailer, Cleaner/Wax, and your Wax products to keep its shine. 10 years have now passed and unfortunately and to my dismay, very slight oxidation has occured on the hood and roof of the truck. Upon seeing this, I turned to your Cleaner product, since the claim states it will get rid of oxidation. I applied it to the hood and roof and walked away, letting it sit and do its job for 20 minutes. I came back and began to slowly wipe away the Cleaner. My mouth dropped open. The hood and roof came out flawless, unscratched, no swirl marks and....NO OXIDATION. I had never gotten a shine and look like this before. Even in sunlight, where every scratch, nick, swirl mark, and paint flaw shows up brightly like a neon sign on a black vehicle, there was still NOTHING. Meguiar's products were able to do this for my truck, in which I already thought was perfect. I'd like to thank Meguiar's for such products and keeping true to your claims. For an avid collector and historian of these elite and rare trucks, I am more than pleased to use your products on my Syclone. Again, THANK YOU!"
— A.R.
International Syclone Typhoon Association

"Just wanted to let someone there know what I think of your Gold Class Wax. I have been using this product since it came out, on my my car, truck and Harley. In Aug '98 I bought a new 33 ft. motorhome, so I thought I would protect it with this same wax. I have had many campers come up to me to ask what I put on it while being camped in different campgrounds. I just got back last week from spending a week at Quartzsite, Az, where another stranger came up to me and asked what I put on my motorhome to keep it from oxidizing, as it looked so good. The funny thing about this is while I was there, and before this person came to talk with me, I was thinking it was time for me to redo another "wax job". When I got home I put another coat of Gold Class on. Now you would think waxing a 33 ft. motorhome sounds like a big project, but I find this product goes on & wipes off so easy it really is a pleasure using it. I am 70 years old and have used many products from other companies, and you name it, I have tried it! Since I found your products I will use nothing else. Would you have any suggestions what maybe I should be using on the motorhome other than Gold Class Wax? I believe the finish is a gel coat over fiberglass. The Mfg of the motorhome is National RV and the finish is in a good a condition if not better than new."
— A Happy Camper, D.R. , Whittier, CA

"I took my car to the dealership for a tune-up. The dealer came up to me and asked what I used on my '97 Acura. He had never seen a car w/that much shine. I told him I only use Meguiar's!!! And I only use Gold Class Wax & Final Inspection!"
— J.M. , Charlotte, NC

"I used Extra for the first time on my car's engine & it looks new, it's great!"
— S.C. PA

"Your products are unbelievable ... I love my car again! I am absolutely thrilled with Meguiar's products and that you even spend time to talk with me. Scratch X did what it said it will do. My tiny scratches are gone and the deep ones are barely visible. Please keep making your products. My car just looked like I picked it up from the dealership."
— S.B. , Mississigauga, Toronto

"Your plastic products worked a miracle on the rear window of my Z3 Roadster."
— A.P.

"Scratch X removed baked on road tar from my car!!!!!"
— Stanley , Grand Prairie, TX

"To the Meguiar's family: I just purchased the new Endurance long lasting tire care product. My father has always used another product, and I always did too. I have tried, over the years, many different tire products but went back to that same product. After seeing your ad on Speedvision I decided to try a new product again. Well, I will no longer be buying that other product. Your product has made my tires look better than new and still look like new days after. Being impressed with the tire care I will be using Meguiar's for all my cleaning. I also used another 3-step waxing product, but my next purchase is going to be your 3 step waxing process. Thank you for making my car look better than new."
— P.T. , Mississauga, ONT

"Just would like to say that your Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner is the best rim cleaner I ever tried. It does the job & fast. Thank you!"
— A.H.

"Last year I bought a bottle of your Cleaner Wax for our cars. I want to tell you how pleased I am with it. We have used it on all three of our cars. It goes on easily & wipes off with no effort. We have used other products on the cars, including some kind of blue wax that no matter how much you rubbed, it turned to flakes & stuck to the car. I hope you continue to make this product as I really like it & have recomended it to my friends."
— E. J. N. , Webster Groves, MO

"I get so many compliments on my van since using Meguiar's Cleaner Wax, it looks brand new. I have over 100,000 miles & it's burgandy & mauve metallic w/silver strip. It really shines like a diamond. People think it's much newer, thanks to the Meguiar's auto care products. No lie, really gorgeous! Thanks!"
— P. O. , Las Vegas, NV

"Quik Wax is excellent. So easy, it takes only an hour and does exactly what it says it would, which usually doesn't happen these days."
— M.V. IN

"I am a detailer & I use all your products on cars, 18 wheelers and boats. I would not get as much business if it were not for Meguiar's."
— T.K. , Independence, MO

"Scratch X works wonders!!!"
— L.R. , Lancaster, C

"I'm writing to brag about your Gold Class products. I detail cars for kicks (cheap thrills, huh?) I've used alot of different products. The Gold Class is the best product I've ever used. All the neighbors always watch to see the stuff I use. Since I've been using your newest product I'll bet you there's three of my neighbors using it now. I do a lot of detailing for the older people in the area and they are so amazed at how easy it is for them to clean their vehicles after I'm done with them. I really like the High Endurance tire care you have out now. You can still go down dusty roads and it doesn't make the tires look terrible like all the other tire products. I just can't say enough good things about your Gold Class products. As soon as my neighbor gives me the pictures of my truck and another neighbor's truck, I'll send them into your Shining Stars Contest. Pretty sad when the neighbors start taking pictures of the vehicles you've done cause their so amazed."
— N.R , Deford, MI

"A few months ago I purchased a can of your Gold Class Clear Coat Paste Car Wax. It is without a doubt the best wax I have used in years and it really brings out the best of our Camry and Windstar."
— T.M. , Brookesville, FL

"I use your products frequently and purchased your Gold Class Liquid Car Wax. I've used many, many waxes & I have never used a wax that made my vehicle shine like it did. I live in norther Ohio and would recommend this wax to anyone."
— G. A. OH

"I just ordered the Ultimate Bonnet for my Dual Action Polisher. Wow, does it make waxing my car easy! I can't believe the glossy look on the car. This is the greatest thing Meguiar's has introduced. I buy nothing but your products for my car. Thanks."
— P.S

"I love Endurance. It works wonders and lasts forever."
— L.L. , Wickcliffe, OH

"Extra- "The best stuff I've ever used in my life. There is nothing better on the market.""
— J.W. , Oak Hill, WV

"You guys really outdone yourselves with Gold Class Bug and Tar Remover."
— A.M. CT

"Endurance Tire Gel is incredible, lasts so long, even when I wash my car twice a week."
— B.V. , Dallas, TX

"Scratch X removed light scratches from the area around my gas tank, took them right out"
— P.M. , Bartlesville, OK

"I recently got a '91 GMC Sonoma with only 45,000 miles, but the paint looked pretty dull. After I used, in this order, Soft Wash Gel Car Wash, Mirror Glaze Overspray Clay, Deep Crystal System #2 Polish, Gold Class Wax, my truck looked like new and the paint had a rich gloss and the color was deeper. I also like Endurance High Gloss Tire Gel and the Vinyl Spray Protectant. When you buy Meguiar's products, you pay more but you get every cent back with a great looking car."
— J.M.W. , Peoria, IL

"The results of your products on the cars I have detailed have left my friends and customers saying WOW!! All of my customers have been so impressed that they keep coming back, which helps me because I am a college student and the money helps me pay my tuition. Now if I can only keep them from realizing that Meguiar's products are so easy to use that they could do it themselves."
— S.P. , Fayetteville, PA

"Endurance works great for hoses, trim & just about anything. It's great stuff!"
— D.O. , Tacoma, WA

"I have been an avid fan of your car care products since owning my first car in 1992. Even though they cost considerably more than the other car care products here in the Philippines, I can truly swear by Meguiar's effectiveness in preserving the condition of my car."
— C.S.
J.S. Detailing House

"I have been using Meguiar's car wash for almost a year and I love it! I have been washing my own car for over 30 years and have used many good car washes, but nothing as great as Meguiar's. Thank you for a wonderful product. P.S. I will use it always!"
— L.F. , Filmore, CA

"I purchased a new Dodge Ram in black. After my first wash, I saw I had swirl marks all over the place. There was even a few light scratches too. I was very upset. Earlier today I logged on and read through the Meguiar's Tips, Myths and Lies section. I learned a LOT of things that I did not know. I got my Meguiar's Paint Prescription and went to the store and purchased the following: Meguiar's Gold Class Car Shampoo, Meguiar's Deep Crystal Polish, Meguiar's Gold Class Clear Coat Wax, Meguiar's Endurance High Gloss Tire Shine and a load of cotton terry cloth towels. It took 9 hours but I am finally done. I now know how the karate kid must have felt (Wax on. Wax off.) The results are absolutely breathtaking. All the swirl marks are gone and she is beautiful! My paint literally looks like the paint on the black car on the front of the Gold Class Wax container. The effort was well worth it. From here on in it is Meguiar's for me. Thank you for putting such quality in to your products."
— N.M.

"I recently bought a detailing package while I was at this year's Corvette Carlisle Show. I have used your waxes in the past and have been very satisfied. This time around I used your Gold Class Metal Polish on rims that I thought I would have to live with. What a difference. This system is awesome. It certainly provides an effortless way to bring rims back to showroom condition. Thanks."
— T.H. , New York, NY

"Your Car Odor Eliminator works very well in covering up smoke."
— Tony , El Monte, CA

"ScratchX - "Great product! Removed all scratches & blemishes from my trunk!"
— D.R. , Fenton, MO

"Have been a Lexus owner for several years and was always super-impressed how well they detail their used cars (they look like new). Recently bought a new LS-430 and want to keep it looking new and spiffy. Asked the shop manager what he thought was best for tires. Of course he said "Meguiar's Gold Class Endurance High Gloss" and, of course he was 100% correct. Your product really does the job it says it will do. No more temporarily-black tires that turn brown in the first rain but a finish that REALLY lasts. Thanks again. P.S. Have been using your "Clear Coat Car Wash" ... also another first class product that lives up to it's advertising. Again, thanx"
— L.T. , Tarpon Springs, FL

"Gold Class Wax gives a million dollar shine! I've always used Meguiar's because it is simply the best!"
— C.D. , Ft. Atkinson, WI

"I enjoy your products. I've been using them ever since I got my first car at age 17. You have never failed my needs, and all the people I have convinced to start using your products have not been disappointed...EVER. I am so confident of your line that when someone is asking me about my car, I offer to clean theirs to show them just how good you guys really are."
— M.L. , Lombard, IL

"I wanted to write & let you know I loved your Quick Clay Detailing System. After I used it, my car's surface was smooth as glass and I got raves about how good it looked! (and that was before I used your polish and Gold Class wax)."
— D.B.

"I just wanted to write you a letter to let you know how happy I am with your product, Quick Clay. While my building at work was being repainted, my car got overspray on it. I had a quote for $675.00 to repair the damage. I actually received your catalog the day after it happened, and I saw the Quick Clay. I decided to try it before I took my car to the shop. To my surprise the clay took off every bit of the overspray, which saved me $675.00. Not only did it take off every bit of overspray, but my 4 year old car shines like it just came off the showroom floor. There were about 25 cars at my work that got damaged, and I recommended your product to everyone. I actually put a sign up near the coffee pot telling everyone about the excellent results I had with Quick Clay and where to purchase it. Thank you so much for making such a great product."
— B.C. , Anderson, SC

"I see the prototype cars using your product & I figure if those guys use them, I'm going to use them cause they're the best."
— Sam , Detroit, MI

"I just purchased a bottle of Show Car Glaze at Pep Boys. I am amazed at ease of application and removal. As stated on the bottle "A pure polish that nourishes the paint for a dazzling wet-look, showcar shine" is a true statement. The shine looks 10 ft. deep and as smooth as glass. Thanks for making such a fine product."
— J.C. III , Gulfport, MS

"ScratchX-Great product! I took best of show at Royal Military College Kingston Auto Fest."
— B.H. , Canada

"No other scratch or swirl removers work like Scratch X, as good of a product you've ever come out with."
— J.H. TN

"I'm just writing to say wow! I just recently used your product, for the first time, to polish the finish on my 1988 Cougar (with original paint). I've never seen or used anything like it. The results were amazing. This has truly been the best money I ever spent to detail a car. Keep up the good work!"
— L.T. , Tempe, AZ

"Endurance is truly TLC on my tires. This stuff really does keep the tires black and lasts."
— R.O. , Lake Elsinore, CA

"#40 (protectant) is awesome stuff."
— L.S. , Texas

"Meguiar's Team, feel good about yourselves...I want to thank your great staff and wonderful Meguiar's products. I was fortunate enough to bring back the beauty of my car's original look with the Meguiar's 3 Step method. I have to admit I had a lot of fun during the process, because I could see my paint rejuvenating and coming back to it's original beauty. A few months ago I bought a white 1992 525i BMW. You could tell that the previous owners did not take the time to wash and protect the exterior at all. My car's exterior had chips, scratches, spot, stains, and major oxidation. I had already got a lot of recommendations of what to use and how to use it, but I still didn't feel comfortable. I noticed that Meguiar's had a customer service line and your representative assured me of all of his recommendations. I was recommended to use "The Body Scub" followed with the "Deep Crystal Polish" and finished everything off with the "Gold Class Wax". The car has an unbelievable shine after all the wonderful work. My friends and co-workers cannot imagine that for under $25 my car looks like it came from a professional detailing shop. I can literally go on and on about how happy I am with your service and products, so I'll spare you the ink. Thank you very much."
— M.C.
A Very Appreciative Customer

"Endurance is the 'BEST' car product ever made. No other tire product even compares."
— R.G. , Scott City, KS

"Gold Class Leather Care is super. Saddle soap would leave a sticky residue, this does not. It leaves the surface soft."
— C.B.

"Thank God for the Clay Bar. It took overspray right off, great product."
— C.L. , Denver, CO

"Quik Clay Detailer worked great on my new Camry. The car had some bumps on it I just couldn't get off. The clay detailer really did make it "smooth as glass"."
— M.R.

"I am amazed at your Quik Clay product, it took the overspray off. I am amazed by it!"
— A.Z. , Tulsa, OK

"I used your Quik Clay System and Wow! What a difference! It was so easy to use and very effective! Great product!"
— B.G. , Birlington, NC

"Hot Rod magazine gave me Best Paint at a show. I framed your RX and put it in my truck."
— R.P. , Florida

"I deal with many different companies. Every time I call Meguiar's for advice, I get excellent, detailed information. No one in the car industry matches the level of service"
— R.K. , Jersey City, NJ

"I own a detail shop in Wagoner, OK and the only products I use are Meguiar's products, and I have used A LOT of other different products, but Meguiar's works the best!"
— C.S. , Wagoner, OK

"I have a black BMW that had little scratches all over. I used Scratch X and the finish looks like it just came out of the factory."
— J.S. , Somis, CA

"I use all of your products on my cars & get a lot of compliments. I have vinyl siding on my house & I used your Soft Wash Gel. It did a super job. I have tried other cleaners for the house & nothing works nearly as good. I highly recommend it to all my friends."
— J.R.

""Your Clear Plastics products brought my plastic windows back to life!""
— G.A. , Compton, CA

"This is the first time in my life that I have written a company regarding their product, but I was so pleased with the results of Meguiar's Gold Class wax, I was compelled to write. The richness, shine and depth of color was so noticeable, two of my partners commented on how good the car looked."
— R.K. , Burbank, CA

"Thank you for the catalog you sent us. We actually went out & bought a lot of the car care products that we found in there. We then proceeded to wash, polish & wax my husband's 1997 pick-up truck. Now mind you, the finish wasn't in bad shape, we always washed that vehicle, but the finish certainly wasn't like it was brand new. Well, after we finished using the Gold Class Car Wash, the Scratch X, the Deep Crystal Polish, & the Gold Class Liquid Clear Coat Car Wax, the results were absolutely amazing! That truck's finish looks like we just drove it out of the new-car showroom! We couldn't stop looking at it! We will now be using those very same products on my 2001 car, which is black & difficult to keep looking new, but with these products I feel confident that we will keep it looking show-room new. Thank you again for the wonderful products!"
— L.F. , Middletown, NY

"Natural Shine Protectant-compared to the greasy, oily competition, this is the best I've used on my dash. Never seen anything better."
— M.H. , Wokol, WV

"I'm writing about your Hot Rims Cool Care All Wheel Cleaner. This is the first product that I have ever used that did exactly what it was supposed to do. I have polished aluminum rims and every time I wanted them to look good I would have to polish them. Your product is the only one that can clean them that I don't have to polish the rims out with. You saved me 5 hrs. of polishing today. Thank you!!"
— B.P. , Southfield, MI

"I work at an iron ore mining company, as a result, my block white car became stained w/ red dirt that was impossible to remove. I then tried Deep Crystal Paint Cleaner followed by Gold Class Wax & I was astounded. I really can't say enough about your products."
— R.D. , Australia

"EXTRA cleaned the engine of my 2001 Mustang very well, it left it spotless!" Ruben, Whittier, CA"
— Ruben , Whittier, CA

"I used the Endurance on the tires on my Park Avenue and it looks great, just like the day I bought it! I have tried everything on the market, and your Endurance is the only one that works!"
— L.N. , Bloomington, MN

"Meguiar's products not only protect the finish, but also make my car shine like a brand new silver coin. When people ask me what I have used on the new paint, I tell them MEGUIAR'S."
— H.A. , Redding, CA

"I have a new testimonial: We barbecue almost every night. We have a rotisserie on our barbecue with a "wand" that goes through the center of the roast, or, what ever you are cooking. That wand has "cooked" on stains that I've tried everything to remove - hardened, discolored, baked on "stuff". I've tried SOS pads, degreasers, even cleansers - NG. Soaked it down with Extra on Sunday and it is sparkling clean with almost NO effort."
— Debbie

"I have used your waxes in the past and have been very satisfied. This time around I used your Gold Class Metal Restorer on rims that I thought I would have to live with. What a difference! This system is awesome! It certainly provides an effortless way to bring rims back to showroom condition. Thanks!"
— T. H. , New York, NY

"I used Quik Detailer for the first time & absolutely loved it. Such a great idea for wiping down regularly & it produces such a nice streak-free shine."
— M.S. , Rushville, IN

"My most shocking point was when I used Meguiar's Cleaner Wax on my new, black 2001 Ram Air Trans Am. I couldn't believe the results, it transformed into this lean, mean, street eatin' machine! Keep up the great output!"
— P.B. , Auburn, CA

"I've never seen such amazing results with such little effort. Now, I've used Meguiar's before to get great results, but with a ton of labor. With the Gold Class Liquid Polish I've got a brand new 1971 Mach 1 Mustang in my garage in half the time. Just to slap myself, I tried it on my mom's ZX2. It made it look better than it did in the showroom. Thanks for a great product."
— Alan, OH

"I've been in between your products and another brand until I used Gold Class. I am now an exclusive user of Meguiar's !"
— B.G. , San Antonio, TX

"I have a little story to tell you about your wax. We purchased a 1986 Ford van for my husband out here in Las Vegas, NV. The paint was in poor shape from oxidation. I took it to a local casino car wash and had it hand-waxed. Well, needless to say, it came out horrible, so having used your wax in the past, I went to the local auto store and bought some of your wax. With little effort my husband & I waxed it with your Cleaner/Wax and what a beautiful job it did! It shines like it is brand new and there is no more dirt or oxidation! I wanted to thank you for having such a great product."
— Cindy & Bob M. , Las Vegas, NV

"Purchased a new PT Cruiser, used Mirror Glaze #7 and couldn't believe how good the finish is. "It looks like a mirror!" Had to take it back to the dealer and show them it was better than when they gave it to me."
— K.S. , Woodland Hills, CA

"My truck had scratches all over it where my pit bulls jump up on the side of it. Body shops & detailers were too far away so I used Scratch X & was amazed by how well it took almost all of them out. I am now looking to try some of your other products."
— G.N. , Lane Oak, TX

"This past weekend I used your 'Gold Class' wax on my new 2001 Dodge Ram QC and my '96 Thunderbird. This product is fantastic! I love it! It went on and came off beautifully. I stopped using the brand I had previously used. Your product is number 1 in my book. Thank you very much"
— B.W. , Auburn, WA

"I own a mobile detail & my customers all love Natural Shine"
— Frank , Greensfields, MI

"I have talked with several seasoned boat owners and by far Meguiar's line is always the best!"
— M.S. , Long Beach, CA

"Your Clear Coat Body Scrub is incredible! It makes my old paint look new again. I'm recommending it to everybody!!"
— E.G. , East Brunswick, NJ

"When I used another brand's wash product there were no suds, but when I used your Rich Suds...WOW! It did not stop sudsing! Great product!"
— G.W. , Cincinnati, OH

"I have tried everything else and nothing stands up and lasts as long as Endurance. It has lasted over two weeks through rain and car washes and it smells great."
— O.T. IL

"Meguiar's Quik Detailer. I love this stuff. Very easy to wipe off and as you wipe, you can feel the surface becoming smoother and smoother. Indispensable for the fanatic. Great for removing wax residue from emblems! I bought the Meguiar's Rich Suds blue coloured car wash that offers lots of suds. Fantastic product and beats my usual shampoo in terms of sudsing ability. Car Odor Eliminator is simply much better than the household product I used before that smells like cheap talcum used in Indian barber shops!!! Used Meguair's Odor Eliminator in my brother's 2nd hand 525i and the stale smells were eliminated. Today, even when the interior was heated up during lunchtime, the odors did not return."
— Enthusiastic user , Mayalsia

"I am a detailer and was told about your products from some friends. The Endurance is the most incredible. So easy. No mess and it lasts."
— J.H. , Greensburg, IN

"Cleaner/Wax is by far the best wax I've ever used! It gives depth and clarity with the minimum of effort!"
— K.K. , Solon, OH

"I recently purchased a New Blazer and until then hated cleaning my cars. I used to be the lazy drive-through car guy, but when you drop 30K on a car you tend to change your tune. I must be honest and say that I was walking through Discount Auto and saw your display and not knowing what I was about to get into, bought some Quick Detailer, Instant Wheel Cleaner, and some Endurance Tire Protectant. Man! your products are the easiest and the result producers I have ever used. I would really like to work on the finish of my older car. Thanks for making my car look better than the neighbors' and quite possible the neighborhoods!!"
— J.B. , Slidell, LA

"My co-worker just recently bought a 1998 Ford F150 4X4 in Emerald Green. The truck is in really great shape but he had asked me what he should do to take care of the paint, so I told him I would bring in my Deep Crystal Polish and my Gold Class Wax. His paint is in really good shape with the exception of the swirl marks from an inexperienced person with a buffer. The paint was in such good shape that I told him I didn't know if the difference was going to be noticeable............not! Neither he or I could believe the difference, you could really see where I applied the Polish. He even remarked how much deeper the color looked, and it took out the swirl marks of course. He said " I've gotta get me some of that stuff". He also said he had never met anyone that knew as much about waxing cars as me. Of course I didn't tell him my secret source-! Another Meguiar's success story for your files."
— R.F.

"I am mad at Meguiar's! My car looks so good after using your products, that all of my neighbors now are asking me how and where to find your products. They also want me to do their cars!"
— J.S. , Manistique, MI

"I recently purchased a black 2000 Toyota Solara (March 13). I have owned several cars in the past, but I want to take "special" care of this car. The choice of products designed to protect the car's finish is staggering! I chose Meguiar's products based on the number of positives others have experienced using Meguiar's car care products and the toll-free technical support number with a "real" person on the other end! The customer support representative was VERY helpful. He took the time to explain each solution, and how to apply each product for best results. I chose Meguiar's Gold Class series (Gold Class Clear Coat Prep & Swirl Reducer & Gold Class Clear Coat Liquid Wax). The results are incredible! I wish I had taken before and after pictures, but I can always drive by the car dealership to see what it looked like before the transformation! Not more than 24 hours after I spent an entire afternoon laboring over my car, a bird relieved itself on my hood, and a careless person scratched my driver side door! Both incidents left marks, but fortunately, the Gold Class Clear Prep & Swirl Reducer & Clear Coat Liquid Wax removed the scratches. YOU CANNOT TELL WHERE THE DAMAGE WAS! I rarely write to companies, but I truly believe you have done an EXCELLENT job. I only wish more companies were run like yours."
— M.S.

"I am a new customer who called in for the Car Care RX, and "Gold Class left swirls in my paint!" To my astonishment I actually got a real person who knew what they were taking about. I followed the Rx and got spectacular results! What a service!"
— A.N. , Minneapolis, MN

"Over the years I've tried a lot of tire protectant products, but none of them last. I've found that with Endurance--once you put it on a tire, it doesn't want to come off."
— N.W., Owner
Goodyear Tire Store
Fountain Valley, CA

"I want to tell you about my experience with your Clay Detailer. My Toyota mini-van is 13 years old and when I bought it, I had the dealer install custom windows and touch-up a few dings in the paint. When I got back from the dealer, the finish on the top of the car was rough and looked like they had sealed in dirt with a clear coat. I have put up with that all these years and when I washed it this last time I had tons of black specs everywhere (bug gunk I guess). So I decided to try the Clay Detailer that I got and let me just tell you, it worked miracles. Not only did it easily take off all of the contaminants, it restored the top of my car! I must have had a paint over-spray or something. The top of my car has never, in its 13-year existence, been this clean. Thank you for inventing this product."
— T.J.D. , Anaheim, CA

"I've tried every other paint care product on the market, and nothing comes close to Meguiar's! I'm using the GOLD CLASS line of Professional products including the Car Wash Shampoo/Conditioner, Clear Coat Prep/Swirl Reducer, Liquid Car Wax (simply the best!) and the Show Car Glaze. I've also learned that many of the top notch auto body and paint specialists use Meguiar's too!"
— M.P.W. , Drexel Hill, PA

"Gold Class wax is the first wax I have used on my black Porsche and it worked beautifully. It was the first wax where I could SEE a difference."
— B.C. OH

"Meguiar's Cleaner-Wax is truly a remarkable product. What really surprised me was its cleaning power. It lifted mars and stains that two brands of tar and bug remover could not remove. The professionals I took the car to before never got it as clean."
— M.A. WI

"I just bought a VW Rabbit that had sat for about three years. I used your 3 step Deep Crystal System and it made my car look new. Thanks Meguiar's."
— J.S. , Canada

"Every time I try a new product of Meguiar's, it's a wonderful experience! Endurance is a wonderful product that fills a need that most of us have been looking for, for a long time."
— J.T. , Dallas, TX

"I used Quik Wax for weekly maintenance and Endurance on my tires. Endurance was easy to apply with no mess and the Quik Wax renewed my Meguiar shine. I have yet to use a Meguiar's product that has not performed as promised."
— M.H.
Auto Zone customer

"Gold Class is fantastic! It brought a great shine on our red Aptiva"
— M.B. UT

"This Gold Clas wax is no joke. I used it on my '79 Benz that I thought I would have to repaint. My car looks new."
— L.L. CA

"I use all the Meguiar's products from the wash to the Deep Crystal Wax. My favorite Meguiar's product is the #7 Show Car Glaze. It keeps my car looking better than new, shiny and "wet". Most people can't believe it's almost three years old."
— A. G. , Whittier, CA

"I just love your products! I have an '85 Toyota that I have only used Meguiar's wax on and people are always amazed at how my car looks brand new!"
— J.T. , Melbourne, FL

"Gold Class is hands down the best car wax I've ever used."
— R. W. , Biloxi, MS

"My husband could not believe the difference Gold Class made and neither could I. WOW! My car's paint is almost like new. In the environment in which I live, people can't believe it when I tell them the car is six years old. My hat is off to you."
— D.Z. , Florida

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