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STEP 1 Remove each wheel in turn. Remove the wheel and place the wheel with the unseen inside part of the wheel facing up and the outside surface flat to the ground. Caution: Observe standard safety procedures recommended by vehicle manufacturer when jacking the vehicle and removing wheels.

STEP 2 Please Note - Each Dust Shield is rotationally different. Inspect to insure that each Dust Shield has a red arrow label clearly indicating the direction of rotation. Select a Dust Shield for the wheel you have placed on the ground so that the red arrow will be rotating in the direction that the wheel will roll when the vehicle is going forward.

STEP 3 After selecting the appropriate rotation Dust Shield, install the Dust Shield into the wheel. Do not install the Dust Shield on the hub of the vehicle. Insert the Dust Shield into the wheel so that the red arrow label faces up and all bolt holes are properly aligned. Place the Dust Shield into the wheel applying firm pressure evenly along the outside circumference of the Dust Shield so that the Dust Shield will be pushed down evenly into the wheel as far as possible. In some cases the shield will have a very tight fit in which case the shield should be pushed down evenly into the wheel as far as possible using a reasonable amount of pressure. The flat area of the Dust Shield should fit flush against the flat hub surface of the wheel.

STEP 4 With the Dust Shield placed into the wheel, inspect the Dust Shield to see that:

  • The Dust Shield fits tightly in the wheel. Check to see that there is no gap between the outside edge of the Dust Shield and the inside of the wheel.
  • If the Dust Shield falls out of the wheel when the wheel is in an upright position in preparation for remounting the wheel onto the vehicle, lay the wheel flat on the ground and using finger pressure, slightly bend the Dust Shield outward in two or three locations so as to enlarge the diameter and to provide enough friction to maintain the Dust Shield in its proper position inside the wheel.
  • Remount the wheel onto the vehicle, tightening the lug nuts as recommended in your vehicle Owners Manual. Re-Check tightness of lug nuts after 100 miles of driving.

STEP 5 Before returning the wheel to the ground, slowly rotate the wheel by hand and listen to insure that there are no scraping sounds.

If you notice a scraping sound, remove the wheel and lay the wheel flat on the ground. Leave the Dust Shield in place and carefully inspect the Dust Shield to determine if there is a visible sign of scraping. If there is no sign of scraping indicated on the Dust Shield, the scraping sound was caused by another part of your vehicle.

If the Dust Shield does have an indication of scraping on it, insure that you have placed the Dust Shield all the way down into the wheel as far as the Dust Shield can go by once again applying firm pressure and pushing the Dust Shield down evenly into the wheel as far as possible. This should solve the scraping problem and the wheel should be remounted and rotate the wheel again to check for scraping.


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