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What's a Clay Bar?

What will this clay bar do?

Clay pulls out all the things you canít see, but you can definitely feel, like industrial fallout, rail dust, and brake dust. Though they are not visible, they feel rough or gritty and may cause patches of paint to appear dull, even after waxing. As these contaminants oxidize, they create rust spots within the paint. Once this happens, the oxidation is considerably harder to remove and will most likely take a good bit of paint with it.

Will a clay bar remove scratches?

No, clay bars and clay block will only remove surface contamination you can feel. Scratches are an absence of paint. It is often impossible to remove an absence of something.

Can a clay bar fill in a scratch?

No, clay bars are not used for filling as they are simply used to remove contamination from paint that feels rough, leaving behind a smooth surface.

How to prevent oxidization from reoccurring?

Once the paint looks good it is important to protect your investment with a coat of wax or ideally a long lasting paint sealant. Paint sealants, seal in paint and protect it from the elements.


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