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Tackling Oxidization

How do I know if my car is oxidized?

Simply wash your car with a good wash and towel dry it. Once it is dry give it the “feel test,” simply glide your hand gently across the paint. If you hear a rough scratching sound or you can feel your hand gripping against a rough paint surface it may be contaminated. If you drive you car daily and have not clayed your car in more than 6 months, it will probably be contaminated.

How did my car become so oxidized?

Oxidation occurs for many reasons. Airborne contaminants like tree sap, rail dust, airplane fallout, exhaust pollution, catalytic converter resign, bugs, and many other airborne contaminants get stuck into your paint. Simply leaving your car in a highly polluted area or driving on regular roads can greatly impact your paint.

How do I know if I have been neglecting my paint?

  • If your vehicles are or were washed with dish soap which contains detergents

  • If your car’s finish is left unprotected (example: not waxed or sealed)

  • If you have never clayed the paint on your vehicle

  • If your paint feels rough when you glide your hand across it after a wash

  • If your vehicle's paint no longer shines

How do I remove oxidation from my paint?

Oxidation you can feel can be removed with a clay bar or a clay block. Paint oxidation can also be removed with a compound or a polish after the surface is clayed.

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