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A Company is known by the company it keeps. And Southwestern is proud to be associated with some of the best known companies in the world. Here are few comments from some of them.

The comments below are excerpts from customer letters in our files. Copies are available upon request.

"Prior to using your grease we were losing several gear sets per year to shock. Since beginning use of your SAE 250 in the late eighties we have only lost 2 gear sets and one of those was not due to shock but failure of the thrust bearings. Thanks for a great product.” —
From the President of a drilling company

"I have been using SWEPCO grease 105 HI-plus for two years now. It has reduced my bearing failure by over fifty percent.” —
From the Shop Forman of a Golf and Country Club

"Our grease consumption has decreased due to the staying power of your quality product. Our bearing replacement costs have fallen also.” —
From the Works Asst Superintendent for a City

"...SWEPCO 306 Engine Oil. This oil (which I sometimes refer to as the Miracle Oil), has saved me thousands of dollars the past several years by longer periods of time between oil changes and repairs.” —
From the owner of a construction company

"We noticed immediate results! Our U-joint failures just quit! By reviewing all these expenses, we figure Swepco 103 has saved [us] over $20,000 in parts and labor over 2 years!.” —
From the Owner and the Head Mechanic of a Construction Company

"I do not normally write to suppliers about products, however in this case I feel you should know how pleased we are with your moly & barium grease. We have several pieces of aged mobil equipment. We have found that #103 moly & barium grease is most effective on extending the life of this old equipment. It stays longer and allows less frequent servicing. The other benefit is that we really only need to inventory one grease for our maintenance garage.” —
From the Purchasing Supervisor of a Manufacturing Company

"We have also noticed that our slack adjustment during inspection now is now reduced to about 10% of the Fleet and our grease consumption is down to half of what it used to be. If this continues, we could see our savings jump to over 80% since changing to Swepco.” —
From a Maintenance Forman of a fertilizer company

"The results have been beyond our expectations. Our trucks are going many times longer between oil changes. We are completely satisfied with SWEPCO Products and recognize their superior quality.” —
From the Owner of a Materials company

"To say the least we are very pleased with the excellent performance and service we have experienced while using Swepco Lubricants. We have encountered far less down-time, longer intervals between major repairs and overhauls than we did prior to using your products.” —
From a General Superintendent of a Granite Supply firm

"Our savings have come from lower oil consumption, fewer oil changes and longer engine and machine life. We have found your product knowledge to be formidable and have come to rely upon your recommendations and excellent service, to which I highly recommend SWEPCO Products to anyone who likes to save money while helping to improve the environment.” —
From the President of a Pumping Service Corp

"After 30 years of trucking, I've never seen an oil that is as kind to your engine and pocket book as Swepco."—
From the Owner of a Trucking Company

"I would recommend Swepco products to anyone searching for a method to save money and resources for their company." —
From the Service Manager of an Equipment Company

"My studies and experience with Swepco quality heavy duty lubricants indicate a savings of $3,000 to $6,000 per road tractor-trailer every 100,000 miles, with longer life for the equipment and much less down time."—
From the Fleet Manger of Transfer and Storage Company

"We would like to extend to you our appreciation for the quality of products and service that your company has provided to us. This has allowed us increased production as well as limiting our maintenance costs. We have also been able to realize substantial savings in fuel costs."—
From the Plant Manager of an Excavating Company

"With Swepco 101, 203, 306 and other products, we have eliminated 95% of our downtime. As you can imagine, this has saved the company a lot of money."—
From the Maintenance Supervisor of a Transfer and Storage Company

"...we used to experience 3 to 4 transmission failures and an occasional rear-end failure a year which resulted in lost time as well as approximately $10,000 per year. We purchased our first order of SWEPCO gear oil from you in may 1986 and since then we have not had one failure!."—
Owner of a trucking company specializing in heavy equipment hauling - 1993

"As you are aware we have been a customer of yours for the past 22 years and are completely satisfied with your products, as a matter of record we have engines that have run one million miles and show no carbon or bearing or other component damage as a result of the use of your products."— From the President of a Trucking Company

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