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The cover is constructed of a special high-grade polyester material that has been treated with waterproof and UV coatings during the manufacturing process.  These coatings keep water, dust, sun, bird droppings, acid rain, and Industrial pollutants from penetrating the cover.  It took over two years to develop a technologically advanced lightweight cover that could withstand the same elements that would normally require a heavier more bulky cover.  This fabric was not only developed to be durable but to also be a very soft fabric that will not scratch your vehicle.






EZ Cover has double stitched seams to prevent tearing, ripping and fraying, for a longer lasting protection.

EZ Cover has Built in Grommets on the bottom of the cover that allow a cable and lock to be used to secure the cover.  

EZ Cover has double stitched elastic seams that hug the corners of your car.

  • Suction Cup: EZ Cover cover comes with a built in suction cup that can be  secured to front of the car  The user can pull the cover out of the case and over the car while keeping the front of the cover from coming off of the car.  This makes putting the cover on a snap.
  • StringThere is also an attached string that can be placed over the license plate, instead of using suction cup to secure the cover to the front of the car.






This cover is unlike any cover before it.  It is so easy to use and store you will wonder how you ever got along without it.  The Case allows the cover to be stored in an area that takes up less than 1.5ft of space.  It is also incredibly easy to put on the car. No more fumbling to find the front of the car cover. The front of the cover always comes out first. Once the cover is on the car, simply store the case in the trunk with the attached string. The Reel In Case allows you to keep your clothing clean while removing the cover because the cover never touches your clothing.  Best of all the cover Reels back into the case in 30 seconds, making it quick, easy, and makes storage a snap.


 If your cover becomes dirty, dusty or has bird droppings, a simple cleaning method is to hose off the cover while on the car. If necessary hand wash the cover using a mild soap and then shake off the excess water.   Allow the cover to air dry or wipe off with a dry towel. Keeping your cover clean is an important part of maintaining its peak performance.


One year warranty protects against factory workmanship defects in the fabric or the Reel in Case.

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