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Porsche 914, 914-6 (1970-1976)
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Switches, Motors, Relays, Fuses & Wiring

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Defogger and Defroster Relays and Switches

Rennline Billet Dash Knob, Rear Defroster 914 4-cyl (1974-76)

Battery Switches and Relays

This section contains the switches and relays for the battery.


Don't get stranded because of a simple fuse. You should always carry one of each amperage as spares for your car in the glove box. A little FYI, a fuse is a devise used to protect against excessive current in an electrical system. Fuses are used as safety devices that are designed to burn out when too much electrical current is applied to them. Electrical current is measured in amperes; hence fuses are given amperage ratings called amps. Too many amps flowing cause the fuse to fail. It is always a good idea to carry an extra set of fuses in your glove box.
Fuse Kit (Bullet Type) Note: Includes four 8 Amp White, three 16 Amp Red, and one 25 Amp Blue  
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- 914 4-cyl (1970-76)
- 914 6-cyl (1970-72)

Note: Includes four 8 Amp White, three 16 Amp Red, and one 25 Amp Blue


Fuse Boxes and Holders

Fuse Block Cover  
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- 914 4-cyl (1970-76)
- 914 6-cyl (1970-72)

Genuine Porsche
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The original fuse box is poorly located and has a weak cover, leaving the box prone to being kicked. This new assembly has a stronger cover and is positioned higher to help alleviate this problem. Best of all, it's an upgrade to modern blade-type fuses! Put an end to the corrosion problems of the original bullet style fuses with this improved easy-to-install kit (no cutting or snipping necessary). The kit includes the fuse box, pre-installed fuses, fuse covers, and color-coded labels to clearly identify the circuits and wires for each fuse (for easy trouble-shooting)

Porsche Home  >  Porsche 914, 914-6 (1970-1976) > Electrical  >  Switches, Motors, Relays, Fuses & Wiring 

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