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2007 BMW 328xi Base Wagon
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Spark Plug Connector Tools
Spark Plug Connector Tool - (17 mm)  
[ More Info ]

Note: Safely removes the connector on both the Original Equipment and Karlyn-STI Ignition Wire Sets.

Brand Rating
Alternator Tools

Alternator Pulley Tool Kit  
[ More Info ]

Note: Used to test, remove, and install overrunning (freewheel) alternator pulleys, Contains: (Qty.) (1) XZN 10 X 73 mm Socket, (1) XZN 10 X 103 mm Socket, (1) XZN 10 X 75 mm Socket with 14 mm Splined Adapter, (1) TORX T50 X 73 mm Socket, (1) TORX T50 X 75 mm Socket with 14 mm Splined Adapter, (1) Splined Adapter 19.6 X 29 mm, (1) Hex Adapter 21/28 X 35 mm, (1) Hex Adapter 17/21 X 29 mm, (1) 3-Pin Adapter 21 mm, (1) TORX T50 X 53 mm Bit, (1) Allen 10 X 40 mm Bit, (1) Allen 6 X 64mm, (1) Allen 8 X 64 mm, (1) Allen 10 X 64 mm, (1) XZN 10 X 53 mm Bit,

Brand Rating

Camshaft Tools

Cam Timing Tools
Timing Tool - Timing Chain Tensioning Tool  
[ More Info ]

Note: Used to tension the timing chain when adjusting timing on BMW N51, N52, N54 and N62 engines and MINI N12, N14, N16 and N18 engines,

Assenmacher Tools (AST)
Brand Rating

Timing Tool Set - Camshaft Bearing Locating Fixtures and Depressor  
[ More Info ]

Note: For locating the upper and lower exhaust camshaft bearing strips on the BMW N51 and N52 L6 engines,

Baum Tools
Brand Rating

Timing Tool Set - Camshaft Alignment Tool Set  
[ More Info ]

Note: For setting camshaft timing on the BMW N51, N52, N54 and N55 L6 engines,

Assenmacher Tools (AST)
Brand Rating

Stud Removal Tools

This tool incorporates a collet that latches onto and compresses the threads of the stud, squeezing them tight. Then the tool and the stud can be removed. If you are removing studs from an engine case, an extra vise-grip or two might be useful as well to get more torque on the studs.

Spark Plug Tools

Oil Filter Tools

Engine Oil Filter Wrench Set - 7-Piece Set  
[ More Info ]

Note: Contains: (Qty.) (1) 27 mm 6-Point 3/8" or 22 mm Drive, (1) 32 mm 6-Point 3/8" or 22 mm Drive, (1) 36 mm 6-Point 3/8" or 22 mm Drive, (1) 74.5 mm 14-Point 3/8" or 22 mm Drive, (1) 74 mm 14-Point 22 mm Drive, (1) 84 mm 14-Point 22 mm Drive, (1) 86 mm 16-Point 22 mm Drive.

Assenmacher Tools (AST)
Brand Rating
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