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2007 BMW 328xi Base Sedan
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Towels and Rags

Shop Towels
Shop Rag / Towel - PIG All-Purpose Paper Towels (9" X 12")  
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Note: White, center-pull roll in a dispenser box. Constructed of non-woven cellulose with sprayed on binder to increase strength and durability. Soft, thick, high loft construction is highly absorbent to quickly absorb oils, grease or water. 500 towels per box.

Brand Rating

Shop Rag / Towel - PIG All-Purpose Paper Towels (11.87" X 12.5")  
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Note: Blue, z-fold in a dispenser box. Constructed of soft, absorbent cellulose fibers with a high-quality binder to increase strength for wet or dry wiping. Made thick and absorbent to quickly soak up oils, degreasers and other liquids. Low lint material won't leave residue or create a mess. 150 towels per box.

Brand Rating

Shop Rag / Towel - PIG WorkWipes Reclaimed Colored T-Shirts (10 lb Compressed Bag)  
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Note: Screened and double scanned. No metal content, undersized pieces or printing. Made from post consumer recycled cotton and cotton blend colored T-shirts. Approximately 60 rags per bag.

Brand Rating
Polishing Towels
Car Cleaning Cloth - SONAX Green Interior and Glass Microfiber Cloths - 2-Pack (210 X 60 mm)  
[ More Info ]

Note: Ultra fine microfiber cloth leaves no streaks, smears or fluff. For use on smooth surfaces: Use damp for cleaning, dry for wiping or polishing off. For use on textured surfaces and textiles: Use damp, or, for best results, with cleaning agent.

Brand Rating
Car Polishing Cloth - SONAX Polishing Cloths - 15-Pack (170 X 195 mm)  
[ More Info ]

Note: Fluffy, soft high quality polishing cloth. The ideal accessory for radiant polishing results. Gentle on paintwork; leaves no scratches. The structure of the cloth guarantees that paintwork care products are fully utilised. Resistant against solvents.

Brand Rating
Car Cleaning Cloth - SONAX Microfiber Cloths Ultrafine - 3-Pack (282 X 295 mm)  
[ More Info ]

Note: The professional cloth for the highest requirements in paintwork care results, even on sensitive surfaces. No residues, no wiped-in scratches. Extremely soft and absorbent. With rounded-off corners and turned-in edges.

Brand Rating

Take advantage of PFM's unique microfiber terry weave and cut through wax residue like a hot knife through butter. Once the residue is removed, simply flip the towel and lightly buff to perfection. The thickness of the PFM Wax Removal Towel means they won't ball up when you use them. Each Pure Freakin' Magic towel measures 9" x 9".

Car Drying Cloth - SONAX Microfiber Drying Cloth (500 X 800 mm)  
[ More Info ]

Note: The ideal accessory for time saving, easy vehicle drying, that is gentle on the paintwork. With rounded off corners and mitt-stitched edges. The extremely dense and long fibred microfiber cloth with a net weight of 600 grams can absorb 10 times its own weight in water.

Brand Rating

The PFM stands for Pure Freakin' Magic. Its innovative long-loop weave gives you the speed and convenience of one-pass drying and the capacity of one towel, one vehicle performance. Just lay it flat, drag it across your car, and watch the water droplets disappear. Made from the best microfiber in the automotive realm, this towel delivers unrivaled drying power but its thick, long-fiber terry weave doesn't produce the surface tension and drag that's common with other ultra-thick towels. The ultra-premium microfiber features rounded corners trimmed with bound-in satin edging that increases durability. Measures 25" x 35".

These 3-pack Microfiber Polishing Towels measure 16 inches x 16 inches and are ideal for polishing your car's exterior, interior, and wheels. These towels remove excess wax without scratching and are both streak-free and lint-free.

Cleaning Products

Here you'll find all the basics you'll need to keep your vehicle looking fantastic!
With Bug Barricade you'll get the same type of protective coating you enjoyed with Bug Off! but with an easier to apply formula that is twice as slippery to prevent bugs from sticking in the first place! Simply spray Bug Barricade on the surface (right over your wax) and spread it evenly with a soft micro fiber cloth. Its high lubricity helps prevent bugs from sticking to the surface. Now you have an invisible, water-soluble barrier so when you wash your vehicle after a summer drive the bugs come right off! Works on paint, plastic, rubber, chrome, and trim. It is normal to see a slight haze or film where Bug Barricade has been applied. This will disappear once the surface has been rinsed. Now all you have to worry about are the deer and those texting drivers!

Kenotek Showroom Shine will enhance your paint finish unlike any other quick detail spray you've ever used. Showroom Shine removes fingerprints, light dust and even fresh water spots from sprinkler systems. It leaves a high gloss nano protective coating that adds incredible gloss and makes colors pop. An anti-static finish keeps dust and pollen from sticking to the paint for a longer-lasting finish. Just spray and wipe with a microfiber cloth on all hard exterior surfaces of the vehicle including the paint finish, glass, metal and plastic trim. Always a streak-free finish even when it's applied in direct sunlight.
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