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1997 BMW 328is Base Coupe
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Multi Purpose Funnel with Spout  
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Note: Suitable for all common fluids. Funnel and spout made of polypropylene. Includes stainless steel filter, 165 mm funnel diameter. 480 mm total length, including spout.

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This Flex-tube Spout attaches to most containers and allows you to accurately position the mouth of the tube exactly where you want it to be located. Two thread sizes to fit most containers. Screws on to motor oil, antifreeze, windshield washer fluid, and similar plastic containers. Complete with stopper cap and hang tab.

Manual Transmission

If your transmission is giving you trouble, refusing to engage a gear, or grinding like a fork in a garbage disposal when you shift? It may be time to replace it with a new one.

Manual Transmission Bellhousings

The bell housing joins the engine to the transmission and houses the clutch. These bolts keep it nice and tight.

Manual Transmission Synchro Parts

Synchro rings are used in a manual transmission to bring the gears about to be engaged up to the speed of the shaft.

Manual Transmission Shafts

Manual transmission shafts typically have an input, countershaft and output shaft.
Input Shaft Parts
Output Shaft Parts
Seal - Output Shaft (40 X 52 X 9 mm)
BMW Home  >  1997 BMW 328is Base Coupe > Transmission & Clutch  >  Transmission  

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