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2007 BMW 328i Base Wagon
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Emissions Equipment

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This section contains various sensors needed in your car. Sensors are devices that measure a measurable attribute and convert it into an electronic signal.
Knock Sensor (Ping Sensor)
Knock Sensor (Ping Sensor)  
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Note: Also use: (Qty.) (2) 11 41 7 529 984 bolt,

Continental VDO
Brand Rating
Knock Sensor (Ping Sensor)  
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Note: Also use: (Qty.) (2) 11 41 7 529 984 bolt,

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Air Injection Pipes and Valves

Air injection pipes and valves are part of the emission systems of a car. They are used to inject additional air into the combustion camber. If you are having problems passing a Smog test this may be part of the problem.
Secondary Air Injection Control Valve Gasket

Crankcase Ventilation

Crankcase ventilation is a way to control the gases escaping from the crankcase and recirculation them back into the combustion camber of the engine. They are an important part of your emission system.
Crankcase Vent Hose (3-Way Hose)

PCV Valves

The PCV valves help prevent gases from escaping from your crankcase. Help out the environment and make sure yours is operating correctly.
Crankcase Vent Hose Heating Element with O-Ring  
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Note: Heating element/connector for crankcase vent hose to intake manifold,

Genuine BMW
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Vapor Canisters

Part of your car's emission systems is the vapor canister. Vapor canister filters help remove pollutants and gases from the getting into the environment. Help the planet and make sure your filter is working correctly.

BMW Home  >  2007 BMW 328i Base Wagon > Fuel & Intake  >  Emissions Equipment 

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