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1999 BMW 328i Base Sedan
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Oil Level Sensors

Engine oil is stored in either a wet sump (bottom of engine) or dry sump (separate holding area away from engine). These sensors monitor and report the oil level. Don't count on these sensors for the life of your engine; make a habit of checking the level manually every third fill up.
Engine Oil Level Sensor with O-Ring

O-Ring for Oil Level Sensor

Oil Temperature Senders

These sensors do exactly what their name implies, they measure temperature. They are located in various locations throughout your vehicle. When replacing a sensor, be sure to note the part number, and location.
Oil Temperature Sensor

Washer Fluid Sensors

Have you ever gone to wash your windows and the blades just streak the dirt around because you are out of fluid? If the dash light is not indicating you are out of fluid you probably have a bad sensor or gauge.
Windshield Washer Fluid Level Sensor

Knock Sensors

If your engine is knocking you are having detonation problems and the Knock sensor is not functioning properly. Pelican Parts offers the sensors to detect engine knock.
Knock Sensor (Ping Sensor)
Knock Sensor (Ping Sensor)  
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