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2002 BMW 325xi Base Wagon
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Vehicle Care Kits
Detail Cleaning Kit - SONAX Premium Exterior Car Wash Kit  
[ More Info ]

Note: Contains: (Qty.) (1) Car Wash Shampoo (1 Liter Bottle), (1) High Speed Wax (500 ml Bottle), (1) Wheel Cleaner Full Effect (500 ml Bottle), (1) Tire Gloss Gel (500 ml Bottle), (1) Microfibre Cloths 3-Pack.

Brand Rating
Detail Cleaning Kit - SONAX Premium Auto Interior Kit  
[ More Info ]

Note: Contains: (Qty.) (1) Leather Foam (13.02 oz Can), (1) Dashboard Cleaner (300 ml Bottle), (1) Glass Cleaner (500 ml Bottle), (1) Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner (500 ml Bottle), (1) Dirt Eraser Sponge.

Brand Rating
Detail Cleaning Kit - SONAX Bucket Kit  
[ More Info ]

Note: Contains: (Qty.) (1) Car Wash Shampoo (1 Liter Bottle), (1) High Speed Wax (500 ml Bottle), (1) Wheel Cleaner Full Effect (500 ml Bottle), (1) Tire Gloss Gel (500 ml Bottle), (1) Dashboard Cleaner (300 ml Bottle), (1) Glass Cleaner (500 ml Bottle), (1) Green Interior and Glass Cloth, (1) Car Wash Sponge, (1) Tire Gloss Gel Applicator, (1) Black Bucket.

Brand Rating
Interior Cleaning Products
Interior Cleaner - SONAX Upholstery and Alcantara Cleaner (250 ml Spray Bottle)  
[ More Info ]

Note: Brand new formulation developed especially for vehicles with Alcantara seats and accessories. Dirty and matted Alcantara will be brought back to it's original vibrant colors and soft, suede feel. Also safe and effective on carpets, textiles and standard upholstered seating and interior surfaces.

Brand Rating

Dashboard Cleaner - SONAX Dashboard Cleaner - Matte Finish (500 ml Spray Bottle)  
[ More Info ]

Note: Cleans and maintains your dashboard as well as all interior plastic components. Foaming action is great for structured surfaces, achieving a soft, renewed effect with a matte finish. Electro-statically charged formula helps repel and prevent dust build up. Contains no solvents or silicone. Pleasant, fresh scent.

Brand Rating

Interior Cleaner - SONAX Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner (500 ml Spray Bottle)  
[ More Info ]

Note: A powerful, yet gentle carpet & interior cleaner. Removes stubborn dirt and contaminants from upholstery, textiles, fabrics, plastics and roof linings. Works deeply within the fibers, while refreshing the colors and leaving a clean, pleasant scent.

Brand Rating

Kenotek Interior Cleaner cleans all interior surfaces including upholstery, carpeting, headliner as well as the dashboard and plastic trim. Ready to use - no mixing required. It has a light, fresh clean scent so you know it's clean. And it doesn't leave any soapy residue that can attract dust and dirt making the upholstery look worse than when you started. Safe on upholstery, plastic and finished leather. Not for use on suede or imitation suede such as Alcantara.

Blitz is an all-purpose cleaner (APC) which can be used as an upholstery cleaner, laundry detergent for your microfiber products, wheel cleaner, finished and imitation leather cleaner, plastic and vinyl cleaner. Also great on glass, tiles, ceramics, enamel, painted surfaces, concrete floors and more. Retains its washing power even in very hard water and works on cleaned surfaces through its smear-free gloss foam agent. With a clean fresh scent. Silicone-free.

Safely clean all interior surfaces and materials from headliner to carpet with minimal fuss. Interior Cleaner contains no dyes or additives that could damage the surface being cleaned. Leaves behind no residue that would attract more dirt. It wipes clean and clear. Safe on all surfaces including carpets, floor mats, seats, fabrics, vinyl, headliner, door panels, dash, and leather! Also works great around the house on floors, walls, cloth, carpet, shoes, bags, purses, and just about every surface!

Interior Detailer maintains the look and feel of all your interior surfaces, effectively dusting and lightly cleaning them while delivering strong UV protection. It's safe for all solid interior surfaces including vinyl, leather, wood, painted trim, metal, carbon fiber, plastic, glass, and even NAV screens. Get a natural, crisp, streak-free, original OEM finish with no greasy feel or residue. Simply mist and wipe using a Microfiber Interior Detailing Cloth. Interior Detailer is silicone free and leaves your cabin smelling citrus fresh and clean.

Over time, microfiber towels collect and hold onto wax residue, polishes, Speed Shine®, Spray-On Wax and other detail products that can decrease their effectiveness. You'll also notice your towels won't absorb as well and aren't as soft as they used to be. Microfiber & Foam Pad Cleaner releases and removes these residues to restore your towels' original effectiveness. Add 2-4 ounces when you launder your microfiber towels and cloths (wash separately from other fabrics). To clean pads, spray the cleaner on the pad, let it soak in, and then rinse with warm water. (35 ounce bottle does not include sprayer).

Made by Connolly Brothers, established in 1878, a leading manufacturer of leather tanners and curriers. This cleaner/conditioner is made of lanolin (a natural substance used in soaps, cosmetics, and ointments) and is the best leather protector on the market. Recommended for cleaning and preserving Connolly Hide, upholstery, clothing and leather goods. It is highly recommended by Jaguar, Rolls Royce, and Aston Martin. This is the leather conditioner of choice by European automotive enthusiast. Applying once a month will provide a fine look and keep the leather soft and clean. Made in England. 11oz Jar

Leather Cleaner - SONAX Premium Class (250 ml Bottle)  
[ More Info ]

Note: Effectively cleans all types of smooth leather. Especially fast acting, with intensive effect and maximum material compatibility. Removes even the most stubborn dirt such as grease and staining from jeans without leaching out or attacking the leather. With foam dispersion for especially easy application and effective dosing. Suitable for all smooth leather, also for perforated leather surfaces and seats with seat heating. Do not use on aniline, nubuck, velours or suede leathers.

Brand Rating

Kenotek Leather Cream cleans and conditions leather upholstery without leaving a greasy finish but instead leaving it conditioned and looking like new again. Lather Cream removes dirt, body salt and dust while making the leather more supple. With an authentic brand new leather fragrance.

Leather 3-in-1 is a superior maintenance product that cleans, conditions, and protects newer leather in one quick, easy step. Its rich conditioners penetrate leather grain to moisturize, soften, and keep leather looking, feeling, and smelling factory fresh. Advanced polymer technology creates a water and stain-resistant barrier to protect against UV damage, premature aging, and cracking. Leather 3-in-1 is a lotion that dries clear, leaving no glossy residue behind. It can be applied on a monthly basis if needed and used as a maintenance product for older, previously restored leather.

Leather Conditioner - SONAX Premium Class Leather Care Cream (250 ml Bottle)  
[ More Info ]

Note: Restores the leather's original, subtle shine, intensive color and natural smoothness. Moisturizing active ingredients nourish the leather, maintain the permeability and increase the life. The products UV filters protect against color fading when exposed to sunlight. Anti-creaking additives ensure a comfortable seating sensation without seeming slippery. Thanks to the addition of antioxidants, the leather's natural deterioration due to ageing is stopped, The treated surface has a hydrophobic effect and forms a protective barrier against dirt, water, spillages, etc. Suitable for all smooth leather, also for perforated leather surfaces and seats with seat heating. Do not use on aniline, nubuck, velours or suede leathers.

Brand Rating

Kenotek Vinyl & Leather Conditioner cleans, conditions and protects vinyl, rubber, coated leather and plastic surfaces with a low gloss, UV protective finish. The nano enhanced formula repels water and dust for a long-lasting finish which makes it excellent for use on tires and exterior surfaces. Apply on poly canvas convertible tops to keep them lasting longer, maintain the fabric's protective properties and looking like new. Caution: Slippery finish! Do not apply on pedals or on the steering wheel.

Griot's Leather Care Spray replaces vital nutrients, dries clear on perforated leather, leaves a non-greasy, supple finish after the final buff, and actually smells like new leather. It also cleans soiled leather surfaces! Perfect for newer leather. It's easy to use for a quick clean and nourishment. Just spray some onto your cloth, wipe on, wait a minute, and wipe off. With each application you'll be preserving your fine leather for a long and supple life.

Interior Cleaner Application Pad - SONAX Care Pad (162 X 190 X 30 mm)  
[ More Info ]

Note: Microfibre pad for applying plastic cleaning and care products in the vehicle interior.

Brand Rating

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