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2002 BMW 325xi Base Wagon
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Paint Products

Wurth Paint Products

Wurth is the recommended paint product for your German daily driver to your Concours restoration project. Pelican Parts also offers those hard-to-find Wurth hardware products, such as lock nuts, washers, bolts, screws, shrink connectors, electrical connectors, rivets, fuses and time-serts.
Primer - This Self Etch Primer is a one Step Automotive Self-Etch Aerosol Primer. This primer is fast-drying and excellent if sanding is necessary. Strong adhesion to metals and other substrates. Superior adhesion of primer surfaces and other topcoats to product. Good filling characteristics. 12 oz.(340g.)

Metal Prep - Metal Prep Rust Remover and Pre-Primer is a non-corrosive rust remover and pre-primer. This unique product prepares metal surfaces for painting and promotes excellent adhesion of Wurth Rust Guard. Removes all surface rust from brake parts, rims, brake drums, air lines and even from severely rusted metal. Able to restore rusted tools. Excellent preparation for any paint. Insures the best adhesion with your gas tank sealer. Provides incredible adhesion for the subsequent application of Wurth Rust Guard. Leaves a rust inhibiting zinc phosphate coating on metal. Better welding conductivity. Makes a positive adhesion to all metals (esp. aluminum and galvanized steel). Provides a smoother base for the application of paints, which guarantees a better "cosmetic look" when painting over uneven rusted surfaces. Easy-to-use one step process. Won't harm paint, rubber or vinyl. Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Flammable, Non-Caustic and has no harmful residues. Biodegradable Solution. Apply, let dry and then rinse with water.

Trim Paint - This paint provides an extremely flexible satin black finish with good adhesion, flexibility and protection on flexible and rigid plastic surfaces. Refinishes plastic bumpers, window trim and wiper blade arms and can be used on steel, aluminum and most plastics. Can be used on most surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Resistant to the effects of weather and many chemical cleaners. Contents: 15 Oz.

Rubberized Underseal - Fast-drying rubberized, sprayable black undercoating. Permanent, flexible protection against chipping and corrosion.

Brushable Seam Sealer - Your restoration would not be complete without this product. It will seal seams and joints that are spot welded, riveted or bolted. Brushable. Duplicates O.E.M. appearance (retains brush marks). Will not sag. Permanent adhesion to bare or painted surfaces. Flexible. Fast drying (can be painted over in one hour). DRY TIME: Skins over in 10-15 minutes. Allow to dry one hour before applying air dry paints.

Clean Solve Automotive Cleaner/Solvent - Clean Solve is fast acting and will not leave film residue. Safe on painted surfaces. Quickly removes paint overspray, adhesives, sealants, tar, gums, greases, oils, silicone and waxes. Can be used on base coat/clear coat, acrylic finishes, aluminum, plastics, vinyls, fabrics, glass, wood, fiberglass, and carpeting.
Wurth European Blend Lacquer Spray Paint
European Blend Lacquer Spray Paint
These lacquer spray paints will match Porsche, BMW, Mercedes OEM colors perfectly. Exceptional in quality and coverage, drying time, leaving you with a sag free, high gloss luster that's second to none! Hi-build for filling pores and scratches, plus formulated with special rust inhibitors for a long lasting finish. Apply several light coats for a deep, rich, long-lasting, chip-resistant finish. Follow with a coat of Clear Gloss for additional protection over the color coat. One can should paint two (2) complete wheels.
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