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2002 BMW 325i Base Wagon
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Emissions Equipment

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Air Injection Pipes and Valves

Air injection pipes and valves are part of the emission systems of a car. They are used to inject additional air into the combustion camber. If you are having problems passing a Smog test this may be part of the problem.
Secondary Air Injection Hose - Pump to Valve

Secondary Air Injection Control Valve

Secondary Air Injection Control Valve Gasket

Air Injection Pumps and Vacuum

Secondary Air Injection Pump

Secondary Air Injection Pump Mount

Secondary Air Injection Pump Hose
Secondary Air Injection Pump Hose  
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Note: Air Pump to Mass Air Flow Sensor, Suction Hose

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Secondary Air Injection Vacuum Control Valve (Non-Return Valve)

Secondary Air Injection Vacuum Control Valve (Electronic Type)

Idle Control Valves

Similar to the auxiliary air valve, the idle control valve control valve adjusts and maintains the proper idle for the car whether it's cold or hot. Based on temperature sensors in the engine, the valve opens automatically to allow more airflow into the engine while cold, essentially like a choke on an old carburetor, keeping the engine supplied with more air until it reaches a certain temperature. If the unit goes bad, it can cause rich running, idle fluctuation and hard starting.
Idle Control Valve

BMW Home  >  2002 BMW 325i Base Wagon > Fuel & Intake  >  Emissions Equipment 

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