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1995 BMW 325i Base Convertible
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Filters & Belts

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Automatic Transmission Filters

If your transmission is starting to act up it may be time to change the filter. Automatic transmission filters remove debris from the transmission oil. When they get clogged, they can affect the performance of the transmission.
Transmission Filter
Transmission Filter  
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Note: For Automatic Transmission A4S 270R/310R,

Elring Klinger
Brand Rating
Transmission Filter  
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Note: For Automatic Transmission A4S 270R/310R,

Brand Rating

Transmission Filter Kit  
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Note: For Automatic Transmission A4S 310R, Contains: (Qty.) (1) Filter, (2) Pan Gaskets, (28) Pan Bolts,

Brand Rating

Seal Ring - Automatic Transmission Fill Plug (14 X 20 X 1.5 mm)

Seal Ring - Automatic Transmission Drain Plug (18 X 24 X 1.5 mm)

Belt and Pulley Kits

Belt & Pulley Kits for BMW
These kits contain everything you need to replace your belts, idler pulleys and tensioners all in one package. NOTE: You MUST determine if your car has mechanical or hydraulic main belt tensioners prior to ordering.
 All kits contain the following parts, in addition to those specifically listed in the description:
  • New Engine Belts
  • New Idler Pulleys
  • New Pulley Caps
  • New Hydraulic or Mechanical Belt Tensioners (where applicable)


A belt is used to drive or power the accessories that are run off the engine. It is powered by the spinning of the crankshaft and can be used to power the alternator, power steering pump, etc. It is a good idea to check your belts for cracking or dryness. Replace them before you get stranded, get two and keep a backup in the trunk.
Belt - A/C Compressor 5K X 890

Belt - Alternator, Water Pump 6K X 1555

Drive Belt Dressing and Conditioner - CRC (7.5 oz. Aerosol Can)  
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Note: Eliminates squeaks and prolongs belt life. For use on all types of belts, such as serpentine, flat and v-type belts. Prevents slippage and glazing. Removes oil, grease and glaze. Use every 3,000 miles to prevent drying out and slippage, Will call, delivery, or ground shipment only.~Item cannot be shipped by air.
Alert: This part contains hazardous or explosive materials and cannot be shipped (local pickup only).

CRC Industries
Brand Rating

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