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1988 BMW 325i Base Sedan
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Brake Hydraulics

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Brake Lines

Brake Line Junction - Distribution Piece In-between Brake Lines (Rear)
Steel Braided Brake Lines
If you are looking for a heavy-duty alternative to standard brake lines, consider upgrading to steel braded lines.
UUC Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Original brake lines are rubber and can expand under the normal pressure of use. This expansion of the brake line negatively affects the brake caliper piston travel, and makes for mushy pedal feedback.

UUC's Stainless Steel Brake lines are used to "performance tune" your braking system.

Inner Teflon line is covered with woven stainless steel braid that will not expand under pressure. The advantages include better brake pedal feedback and a firmer pedal, along with superior brake modulation. Results will be immediate.

    Technical features:
  • fully compliant with DOT Standards (MVSS-1006)
  • lines burst-tested to 6000psi (maximum tested pressure from a BMW braking system is 1200psi)
  • Teflon inner line covered with a woven layer of stainless steel and covered in an abrasion-resistant material (translucent blue plastic covering).
  • plastic end pieces protect assembly, no exposed steel fibers to stick fingers.

Brake Master Cylinders

When you hit the brakes the master cylinder converts the motion from the brake pedal being depressed into hydraulic pressure and sends that hydraulic pressure out for distribution. If your brakes are starting to feel spongy it could be the master cylinder.
Brake Master Cylinder (ATE)

Grommet - Brake Master Cylinder to Reservoir

Brake Boosters and Parts

If your brake pedal is getting harder to push you may have a vacuum leak in your brake booster system. Used on power brake cars, they accept a vacuum hose from the engine manifold, and use that vacuum pressure to assist in the movement of the master cylinder.
Brake Booster

Check Valve for Brake Booster Hose (4-Way Valve)
Check Valve for Brake Booster Hose (4-Way Valve)  
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Note: Located in-between the brake booster and throttle body hoses,

Brand Rating

Gasket for Brake Booster Check Valve

Brake Booster Hose (12 X 19 mm)

BMW Home  >  1988 BMW 325i Base Sedan > Brakes  >  Brake Hydraulics 

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