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1987 BMW 325i Base Convertible
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Miscellaneous & Hardware

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Pelican Parts carry a complete line of wires for your every need. Technically wire is used to transmit electrical current. Wires thickness and ability to safely carry current determines the wires gauge. The smaller the gauge number, the thicker the wire.


Pelican Parts carry a complete line of rivets for your every need. Technically a rivet is a permanent mechanical fastener.
Expanding Rivet - Black

Cable Ties and Clips

Pelican Parts carry a complete line of cable ties and clips for your every need. Cable ties and clips are used to fasten several wires together. They are usually made from plastic and are single use only.
BMW Home  >  1987 BMW 325i Base Convertible > Miscellaneous & Hardware  >  Miscellaneous & Hardware  

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