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1986 BMW 325 Base Coupe
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Air Conditioning & Vents

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A/C Valves

After the hot refrigerant gas is condensed into liquid by the condenser, it gets sent to the expansion valve. The expansion valve is used to bleed off the pressure from the hot refrigerant liquid. When the pressure drops, the result is that the refrigerant cools to the point where it can now enter the evaporator and complete the process of getting cold air in your car on a hot day. If you have trouble keeping the A/C temperature cold, and there is plenty of refrigerant in the system, it may be possible that the expansion valve is damaged or faulty.
A/C Expansion Valve (R134A)

A/C Evaporators and Parts

The evaporator essentially works the same way as a condenser, except in reverse. The idea is that once the pressurized refrigerant has been condensed into a liquid, then depressurized and cooled by the expansion valve, it enters the evaporator, which due to its construction allows the temperature of the coils inside to drop considerably. Usually, then a fan blows air over the evaporator. The oncoming air is cooled by the evaporator, then sent out the vents of the dashboard, and right onto your face.
A/C Evaporator
A/C Evaporator  
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Note: This brand does not include the expansion valve.

Rein Automotive
Brand Rating

A/C Receiver Driers

The receiver dryer is placed in the air conditioning system in order to collect any moisture in the system. Over time, the receiver dryer can lose its effectiveness, causing excess moisture to build up in your A/C system. It is also highly recommended that the receiver dryer be replaced any time the A/C system is opened up to outside air.
Receiver Drier

A/C Line O-Rings

Keep your A/C blowing nice and cold by replacing the lines O-rings when working on your car.
A/C O-Ring (17 mm Diameter)

A/C O-Ring (7.65 mm)
A/C O-Ring (7.65 mm)  
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Note: 3/8" O-ring, 3/8" Yellow R12 or R134a

Four Seasons
Brand Rating

A/C O-Ring (11.1 mm Diameter)

A/C O-Ring (14 mm Diameter)

A/C O-Ring (6.8 mm Diameter)
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