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2000 BMW 323i Base Wagon
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Charging System & Battery

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Drive Belts
Don't take chances with your engine belts. A broken belt can leave you stranded. Replace those old frayed or cracked belts today. It's also a good idea to always carry spare belts. Always check your belts for cracking or dryness and replace when necessary.
Belt - A/C Compressor 5K X 863

Belt - Alternator, Water Pump, Power Steering 6K X 1538
Belt - Alternator, Water Pump, Power Steering 6K X 1538  
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Note: 6PK1538 Serpentine Belt works Alternator, Water Pump and Power Steering

Brand Rating

Drive Belt Kit  
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Note: Contains: (Qty.) (2) Drive Belts, (2) Drive Belt Tensioners, (1) Drive Belt Deflection Pulley, Only for cars with mechanical type water pump/alternator belt tensioner,

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Drive Belt Dressing and Conditioner - CRC (7.5 oz. Aerosol Can)  
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Note: Eliminates squeaks and prolongs belt life. For use on all types of belts, such as serpentine, flat and v-type belts. Prevents slippage and glazing. Removes oil, grease and glaze. Use every 3,000 miles to prevent drying out and slippage, Will call, delivery, or ground shipment only.~Item cannot be shipped by air.
Alert: This part contains hazardous or explosive materials and cannot be shipped (local pickup only).

CRC Industries
Brand Rating
Drive Belt Tensioners
Some cars came with mechanical water pump/alternator belt tensioner assemblies while others came with a hydraulic type. Note that the mechanical style is only available as an assembly - the bearing or pulley is not available separately. Therefore, it is important to identify which style is on your vehicle BEFORE placing your order.
Deflection Pulley for Water Pump/Alternator Belt (Offset Mounting)

Drive Belt Tensioner with Pulley - A/C Compressor Belt

Drive Belt Tensioner - Water Pump/Alternator Belt

Drive Belt Tensioner with Base Plate and Pivot Arm - Water Pump/Alternator Belt
Drive Belt Tensioner with Base Plate and Pivot Arm - Water Pump/Alternator Belt  
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Note: Shock Type Hydraulic, When converting cars originally equipped with mechanical tensioner, use part # 09 0434 001 conversion kit,

Brand Rating

Needle Bearing for Adjusting Pulley Base Plate

Drive Belt Tensioner Conversion Kit  
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Note: Used for converting cars from mechanical to hydraulic water pump/alternator belt tensioner, Contains: (Qty.) (1) Hydraulic Belt Tensioner, (1) Adjusting Pulley, (2) Protection Caps, (3) Bolts, (3) Washers, (1) Dust Guard, (1) Screw,

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Adjusting Pulley (Center Mounting)

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