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1977 BMW 320i Base Coupe
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Distributor / Dielectric Grease

Dielectric Grease - CRC Technician Grade (3.3 oz. Pressurized Can)  
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Note: A unique, non-curing compound used for sealing, protecting and electrical insulating. Improves electrical performance by reducing arcing, voltage drop and other conditions. Also ideal for lubrication of plastic and rubber. Patented finger-actuated delivery system. Select-A-Bead can used to select the best bead width for your project.

CRC Industries
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Dielectric Grease - Loctite Dielectric Tune-Up Grease (.33 oz. Tube)  
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Note: Provides a moisture proof barrier that lubricates and protects electrical connections and wiring.

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Dielectric Grease - Loctite Dielectric Tune-Up Grease (80 ml. Tube)  
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Note: Provides a moisture proof barrier that lubricates and protects electrical connections and wiring.

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Ignition Control Modules

Commonly referred to as the ignition brain, this unit receives information from the various sensors and controls the ignition system on your vehicle.
Ignition Control Module  
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Note: C.A.R.B. E.O. D-57-22, IGNITOR Series, Legal in all 50 States and Canada

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Ignition Rotors

The distributor rotor rotates inside the distributor cap, thus providing voltage briefly to each cylinder. If you see corrosion on the edge of the rotor, it's time for a new one.
Ignition Rotor

Ignition Switches, Sensors and Relays

Having problems starting your car? Ignition switch not working too well? Embarrassed when your car just sits there and doesn't even turn over? Replace the electrical portion only and solve your starting problems.

Ignition Support Parts

This section contains parts associated with supporting the ignition system.

Books on Ignition Systems

In this day and age, nothing is as important as information. And this information is handy whether you are doing a simple tune-up, building a custom race setup, or just want to get a better understanding of how your vehicle's ignition system works.
Master the technology of one of the world's leading innovators and manufacturer of automotive fuel-injection and engine management systems. This book takes you step-by-step from the basics of air-fuel mixtures to a clear understanding of the most sophisticated electronic controls - for all European cars.
  • Identify each type of Bosch fuel injection and engine management system
  • Learn the basics of air flow measurement and fuel metering
  • Understand how engine management controls both fuel delivery and ignition to improve drivability
  • Perform routine service with simple tools
  • Diagnose problems with detailed troubleshooting charts
  • Racing and high-performance modifications - what works and what doesn't
Covers LH-Motronic, Motronic, LH-Jetronic, L-Jetronic, D-Jetronic, KE-Motronic, KE-Jetronic and K-Jetronic. Click here for a sample page.

BMW Home  >  1977 BMW 320i Base Coupe > Electrical  >  Ignition 

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