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1983 BMW 320i Base Coupe
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Brake Pads & Rotors

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Caliper Tools
Brake Caliper Piston Tool  
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Note: For damage free resetting of brake caliper pistons. Suitable for all brake calipers without integrated parking brake. Consistent and rapid resetting without tilting. Avoid damage to seals and pistons.

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Brake Caliper Piston Tool  
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Note: Used for turning/compressing the rear brake caliper piston on VW/Audi vehicles not equiped with an electronic parking brake.

Baum Tools
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  • A Quick Way to Spread Brake Pads and Compress Disc Brake Pistons for Pad Replacement on Single, Double & Quad Piston Calipers.
  • Simultaneously compress all four pistons on quad piston applications. Can be used while caliper is on the vehicle or hanging free. Makes brake pad replacement a quick and easy job.

Brake Pad Dampers and Shims

Anti-Squeal Products

This specialty Wurth products greatly reduces brake squeal, dries in minutes, and sprays in a red color to show when coverage is complete.

Drum Brake Parts

A drum brake system consists of a set of shoes that press against a rotating drum-shaped part. Drum brakes are only used on older cars and the rear of some new cars.
Brake Drums
The brake drum is a type of brake that operates when two or more pads on the inside of the drum are pushed outward, causing them to rub against the inside of the drum, and slow the vehicle.
Brake Drum (250 mm, Rear Left or Right)
Brake Shoes
The brake shoes are the pads that are mounted on the inside of the drake drum.
Brake Shoe Set with Parking Brake Levers (Rear)
Parking Brake Shoes
The brake shoes are the pads that are mounted on the inside of the parking drake drum.
Drum Brake Shoe Anchor Pin
Drum Brake Shoe Anchor Pin  
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  (2 per car, sold individually)
Note: (Rear)

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