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1997 BMW 318ti Base Hatchback
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Water Pump, Thermostat & Hoses

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Water Pump Super Kits for E36

Is your car starting to run hot? Over time, the bearings in the water pump begin to wear, causing them to eventually fail and seize the water pump. With most of the E36 models reaching 150,000 miles or more, its not uncommon to see water pumps on their last legs. This kit includes everything you need to replace your old tired water pump with a brand new unit. Here's what the kit includes:
  • Water Pump and Gasket (metal or composite impeller)
  • Thermostat and O-Ring
  • Thermostat Housing Gasket
  • Water Pump Belt
  • Fan Clutch
  • 12 oz. Redline Water Wetter Corrosion Treatment
  • Radiator Mounts
  • Fan Clutch Tool and Counter Holder
  • Radiator Cap
  • Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses

Water Pumps

Is your car starting to run a little hot? Is it overheating while sitting at idle? It's possible you may need to replace your water pump. An easy way to check your water pump is to look underneath the car and check for water seepage out of the pump. This means that water is leaking past the bearing and seals, indicating the pump is on its way out. Another way to check is to squeeze and hold the upper radiator hose for a few seconds (CAUTION: the hose may be hot) while the car is running. If you feel no pressure building up, it is a sign that water is not circulating and the pump may be bad. These units are brand new, not rebuilt.
Water Pump with O-Ring

Water Pump O-Rings

Water pump o-rings assist in keeping the water pump sealed. They can fail and should be inspected for leaking when inspecting the cooling system.
O-Ring - Water Pump

Water Pump Parts

This section contains the parts needed when servicing or replacing the vehicle's water pump.
Water Pump Pulley (123 mm Diameter)
Water Pump Pulley (123 mm Diameter)  
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Note: This brand is a black anodized aluminum version.

Uro Parts
Brand Rating

Auxiliary Water Pumps and Parts

Auxiliary water pumps are additional water pumps within the cooling system. They can leak as easily as the main water pump and should be checked whenever servicing the cooling system.

Coolant Thermostats

Is your car's temperature too hot or cold? A coolant thermostat allows the coolant to circulate when the engine has reached a predetermined temperature. It should close when the engine is cold to allow it to warm up faster. Thermostats can fail and should be inspected for corrosion when servicing the cooling system. Thermostats come in different temperature settings for different climates.
Thermostat with Housing and Gasket (95 deg. C)
BMW Home  >  1997 BMW 318ti Base Hatchback > Water Cooling System  >  Water Pump, Thermostat & Hoses 

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