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1994 BMW 318i Base Sedan
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Pelican Parts Tool Catalog

Pelican Parts offers a tremendously huge variety of tools. Besides the tools below, most of which are specific to your vehicle, Pelican Parts has a separate Tool Catalog where you can find just about any type of tool you'll need for your garage or home.

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Factory Toolkits and Tools

Floor Jacks

Aluminum Racing Jack - 2 Ton  
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Note: Updated with added features to lift faster, higher and be easier to use. The 41-pound jack includes side handles for easy transport and loading. Quick-lift design gets vehicles in the air quickly with fewer pumps. New and improved hydraulics and a wider track for the wheels make it durable and easy-to-use. A 4-foot padded lower handle protects rocker and door panels while providing maximum leverage to lift vehicles. Rubber saddle protects vehicle undercarriage and prevents slipping, 3-1/4" min height. 18-5/8" max height. 47" handle length.

Service Jack - 2 Ton  
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Note: Ergonomic handle for user comfort and easy mobility. Foot pedal for quick approach of the lifting saddle to load. Built-in tray for fasteners and tools. Polyamide wheels. CE marked - ASME/PALD tested, 3" min height. 18-1/4" max height. 39-1/2" handle length, All clearance sales are final; no returns allowed.

Service Jack - 2-1/4 Ton  
[ More Info ]

Note: Flanged upper body edge increases strength to resist twisting. Light, compact design. Built-in safety overload system prevents use beyond the rated capacity. Rear swivel casters for easy maneuvering and positioning, 5" min height. 18" max height. 39-1/2" handle length.

OTC Stinger
Bottle Jack - 2 Ton  
[ More Info ]

Note: Forged base and cylinder to ensure strength and eliminate leaks. Chromed pump piston and ram for additional rust resistance. In-line design for increased ease of use in positioning and operation. ANSI/PALD compliant, 4-5/8" stroke. 7" retracted height. 2-3/8" screw extension length. 14" extended height with screw extension. 8 pump strokes to extend piston one inch. 13/16" saddle diameter. 4-5/16" X 2-9/16" base size.

OTC Stinger
Jack Pads
Hockey Puck - 6 oz - 3 in Diameter  
[ More Info ]

Note: Commonly used as vehicle lift pads, drivetrain stand shims, underneath air compressors and cabinets, drilled and used as custom motor mounts, etc. These regulation hockey pucks are made from durable vulcanized rubber and can be reused many times depending on application.

Brand Rating
AC Hydraulic Jacks
After many years of searching, we have found the ultimate jack that will satisfy the requirements needed to earn a place in Pelican's garage. Ultra-low clearance, combined with unbelievable height, make the new hydraulic jack line from AC Hydraulic a dream come true. Combine that with quality Danish manufacturing, and you have the ultimate floor jack for your garage.
Super high-lift, simple and safe to operate. Just depress the lever with your foot and the jack pad raises up to contact the jacking point on your vehicle. DK13HLQ is constructed with a flat inner steel frame so the front 16 inches of the jack has a height of less than 3.5 inches and a maximum lifting height of 29 inches! Just the perfect height for stock or lowered vehicles! Ergonomically designed handle ensuring a firm and comfortable grip whatever the conditions. Dead-man's control on raising and lowering the jack arm.

Click here to download the User Manual

Don't forget the GS1 Jack Saddle Cushion to protect your vehicle's underbody from damage.

This cross beam adaptor lifts the car for change of both wheels at the same time. This adaptor features telescopic arms with a reach from 745-1150mm. 1 ton capacity. For TOL-DK20, TOL-DK20Q, TOL-DK13HLQ and TOL-DK20HLQ AC Hydraulic Floor Jack models only.

Ultra-low minimum height of only 3.15 inches, just the perfect height for stock or lowered vehicles! Maximum jack height of 19.7 inches! Ergonomically designed handle ensuring a firm and comfortable grip whatever the conditions. Dead-man's control on raising and lowering the jack arm. Built-in safety valve to ensure against overloading and a wide, rugged steel frame for stability and long service life.

Click here to download the User Manual

The DK20Q offers all the benefits of the DK20 plus the convenience of the quicklift pedal. Simple and safe to operate. Just depress the lever with your foot and the jack pad raises up to contact the jacking point on your vehicle.

Click here to download the User Manual

This extension attaches to the lifting pad of your AC Hydraulic floor jack to accommodate vehicles with higher clearance.
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