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1993 BMW 318i Base Sedan
Basic Maintenance
Body & Seals
Camshafts & Timing Chains
Cylinder Head & Valvetrain
Engine Tools
Main Engine Components
Oil Circulation
Pistons and Cylinders
Engine Rebuilding Kits, Tools, and Supplies
Turbos & SuperChargers
Engine Miscellaneous
Fuel & Intake
Miscellaneous & Hardware
Pedals, Cables & Controls
Suspension & Steering
Tools & Books
Transmission & Clutch
Ventilation & A/C
Water Cooling System
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BMW Home > 1993 BMW 318i Base Sedan > Engine
Camshafts & Timing Chains
Camshaft Position Sensors (7)Timing Chains and Parts (7)
Camshafts and Parts (6)Timing Covers (6)
Timing Chain Tensioners (3) 
Cylinder Head & Valvetrain
Cylinder Head Bolts (5)Valve Cover Gaskets (5)
Cylinder Head Hardware (2)Valve Covers (2)
Exhaust Manifold (5)Valve Springs (5)
Head Gasket (11)Valve Timing (11)
Lifters / Rockers (3)Valves and Guides (3)
Manifold Gaskets (14) 
Engine Tools
Air/Fuel Ratio Meters (9)Leakdown Testers (9)
Camshaft Tools (3)Oil System Tools (3)
Code Scan / Reset (3)Pulley Tools (3)
Compression Testers (1)Spark Plug Connector Tools (1)
Cylinder Head Tools (8)Stud Removal Tools (8)
Diagnostic Scanners (4)Thread Repair (4)
Dial Indicators (5)Timing Chain Tools (5)
Engine Degreaser (3)Valve Keeper Tools (3)
Flywheel Locks (1)Valve Spring Compressors (1)
Main Engine Components
Crankcase Parts (1)Engine Block Miscellaneous (1)
Crankshaft Bearings and Parts (9)Engine Blocks (9)
Crankshaft Seals (13)Engine Gasket Set (13)
Crankshaft Sensors (5)Rod Bearings & Parts (5)
Crankshafts (1) 
Oil Circulation
Crankcase Ventilation (14)Oil Filters and Housings (14)
Dipsticks (3)Oil Pans (3)
Drain Plugs (9)Oil Pressure Relief Valves (9)
Motor Oil (47)Oil Pressure Sensors and Switches (47)
Oil Coolers and Parts (9)Oil Pumps and Parts (9)
Oil Filler Caps and Pipes (6) 
Pistons and Cylinders
Connecting Rods & Hardware (9)Pistons (9)
Piston Rings (5)Wrist Pins (5)
Engine Rebuilding Kits, Tools, and Supplies
Engine Hardware Kits (6)Gasket Sets (6)
Engine Rebuild Materials (4)Lint-Free Cloths (4)
Gasket Remover (3)Sealants (3)
Turbos & SuperChargers
Intercoolers (1) 
Engine Miscellaneous
Cooling Fan Assembly (2)Relays and Connectors (2)
Drive Belts and Tensioners (20)Repair Manuals (20)
Engine Mounts (16)Sealant (16)
Insulation and Seals (1)Vacuum Hoses and Lines (1)
Pulleys (2) 

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